Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Can you believe what I got for Fathers Day! Take a look at this baby! Holy sh1t!
Of course that soda would need to be replaced with another type of beer.

I am kidding, but isn't that thing beautiful?

As usual my gift for Fathers Day is a trip with my dad to Kenosha to go charter fishing on Sunday. Lake Trout beware. I hate those sons of bitches. I want to reel them in and toss their bleeding and dying carcasses into the cooler. I love those sons of bitches.

More prized to me are the coho salmon. They are absolutely spectacular smoked, or grilled with a little butter and dill. I also hate these sons of bitches, and want to reel in a bunch of them and watch Captain Jeb cut them up into nice filets. I love these sons of bitches.

On Saturday we are heading up to Road America right by Fond du Lac to check out some motorcycle races. Should be a great weekend if the whole thing isn't flooded out.

Even if we don't catch any fish, it is always good to spend time with the old man. Happy Dads day to all of you dads out there who are doing the right thing for your kids - you deserve a day off. Have fun, and see you on the water.


Snakeye said...

Geez, all this talk about fishing... can't you do that from your rooftop now?

Gerry from Valpo said...

FISH ON...someone get the net.

johnnyj said...

Tight Lines dude...Don't let the 'old man' outfish you...


johnnyj said...

BTW, that "rooftop" comment is piss your pants hilarious. Nice work, Snakeye.