Monday, June 02, 2008

The 2008 Indy 500. A Girl, A Woman, and A Real Gomer

It is hard to refrain from posting Indy 500 photos and stories. My library from last weekend's event provided me with a few week's worth of material to blog about. Consider yourself spared.

I do have a few memorable images of note so I am using them to close my coverage of the 2008 Indianapolis 500.

The City of Indianapolis provides a wide open venue to the race in so many ways. One is the Saturday pre-race parade in downtown Indianapolis around the eight block long War Memorial square. The intent is to showcase the drivers and they do it very well. Indy also makes every attempt to honor war veterans on Memorial Day. It's quite the sight with current and veteran military personnel everywhere.

The parade features the drivers in reverse order of qualifying and they appear in rows of position riding in convertible replicas of the pace car. This year the pace car was the Chevrolet Corvette.

Between rows of drivers there are the obligatory politicians, celebrities, marching bands and "connected" hangers-on.

I care not if a man, woman or wookie wins the race. The total focus of the owner, crew, car and driver make it a real team effort. Take away one element and you are bound to lose. The world's best drivers cannot overcome a poorly prepared car. Then again, without a skilled driver the best car can end up hitting a wall.

Danica Patrick may be a skilled driver but she behaves like a spoiled little brat who feels as if she is entitled to winning. Her attitude is as if she is the first woman to drive a race car and is entitled to win the 500 by birthright. Sound (Hildebeast) familiar? While Danni may have an owner with deep pockets, a car that is among the best and has a fine team preparing her ride I can't help but think of her as just another spoiled little daddy's "girl".

This next shot is of a real woman. Not one to speak out and gain a lot of endorsements, Milka Duno is a professional race car driver. If not, Milka would not even be invited to qualify. What Milka lacks in a fast ride she makes up for it with class. Maybe it's because she is South American and grew up in another culture where humility is practiced and respect is earned. Maybe it's because she is mature and composed but this fine lady outclasses little Danica, the brat, by a more than a lap in the human race. It helps that Milka is hotter than hot, in my opinion at least. Even if she appears to have fake boobs. If that makes me sexist, so be it. Meowww.

To me, I hope a woman finally wins the Indy 500 as long as it isn't Danica, just to end the dubious hype that follows her. It would be even better if Sarah Fischer (who finances her own race effort and seems to be the forgotten woman driver) wins it first.

Gomer says HEY!

Who doesn't love Jim Nabors? I grew up watching first run episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle USMC in the late 60's and early 70's. I named my son Andy after Andy Taylor. Mayberry is the place I always wanted to live. I am living in Mayberry right now. It's a dream come true.

For a long time Jim Nabors has opened the Indianapolis 500 by singing "Back Home Again In Indiana". Why, I do not know. It is as symbolic as "My Old Kentucky Home" being played before the Kentucky Derby. Jim Nabors isn't even from Indiana, he's from Alabama but we love him here in Indiana just the same. He represents genuine Americana. What's not to like? Last year he was in poor health and did not make it to the 500. This year he made it and we're glad he did. We wish him the best of health.

That's all from the 500 for this year. Only 355 days to go.


Carl from Chicago said...

good photos and fun memories

Anonymous said...

Rock Hudson didn't have many friends, but he had Nabors up the ass.

Anonymous said...

Milka also appears to be very smart to go with the package she has been blessed with or paid for.

Instead, the Caracas native uses her hand-eye coordination and voracious appetite for speed to earn a living -- even though any one of her four master’s degrees would have helped in bringing home the bacon and staying away from 200mph traffic congestion. But somehow naval engineering just didn’t make the cut in Ms. Duno’s life itinerary.

Gerry from Valpo said...

WOW. More then two big reasons to like Milka. I'm impressed.

Here's more about Rock Hudson. Did you know Rock was born in Illinois and reared in California?

And to think he kissed Doris Day with that mouth.