Thursday, June 19, 2008

A 2008 Chicago Crosstown World Series? Fuggeddabouddit.

Along with most Sox fans I think the 2008 season has turned out much more better than good. So far. No matter what happens in the end. Being up by 4+ games in late June is something nobody predicted. On top of that just three years ago the Sox won the 2005 World Series. It’s the best hangover I ever had. Don’t expect an apology from me for posting a gratuitous photo of Ozzie with the REAL 2005 World Series Trophy.

It's more real than the one the Cubs HOPE to win.

During pre season the 2008 AL Central was said to be the best in MLB with a strong Cleveland team and a Detroit team that went deeper into debt than Ed McMahon by acquiring the best free agents money could buy. Minnesota is no slouch, either. So I am very pleased with our streaky Sox team that manages to beat division rivals when it counts.

The Sox have played a lot of division teams at home and away so far. Since I am not a “stat” guy or a “fantasy” player there are no comparative numbers for me to report. I have been way too busy and have much better things to do with my free time. What I know is that the Sox have a great head-to-head record vs. Cleveland, Detroit and Minnesota. Oddly, Kansas City took a series that I remember, but hey!

There are times this season when I get frustrated watching. It’s definitely not 2005, you know, when the Sox won the World Series. By being a long-time Sox fan we always expect the worst and hope for the best. No need to get excited about the post season until late August when the chips are down for good. But with the pitching rotation we have that should get us in or near post season play. The Boo Pehn (Ozzie Speak) is in great shape too. What we need to do is bring in the runners stranded on base. Playing an upcoming schedule of mediocre NL teams should bring a glut of Sox wins since most NL teams aren’t much better than most AAA farm teams anyway.

Going all the way in MLB depends on consistent good play for sure, but most important is keeping the top players off the DL.

On the north side of Chicago the fans act differently, even when they aren’t projectile vomiting in a Wrigleyville alley.

FACT: MLB corporate has dictated that NL umpires are to be trained on how to apply the Heimlich on certain NL managers during late summer divisional games. Choking on national television hasn't been seen since 1969. It's not a pretty sight.

Recently in the local media they’re already telling Cub fans what they want to hear, “This Is The Year.” And it’s only June. We’ve seen this before. Its a rerun I hope to watch.

Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies
(tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies)
Oh, no, no you cant disguise
(you cant disguise, no you cant disguise)
Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies

So let's just crown their ass! ;)

Losing Zambrano and/or Dempster to injury will hasten my glee. Soriano is good for at least two more trips to the DL. Kerry Wood is due for a bad shoulder too. Derrick Lee won’t last the entire season either. (UPDATE: As of tonight, Big Z is "iffy" and should be on the 15 day DL).

Each time the Cubs play a top team the local media experts report that “This could be a World Series (or playoff) Preview”. They said it about this weekend’s Crosstown Series with the Sox and they said it about the Rays on the current road trip to Tampa Bay (BTW, the AL Rays just swept the NL Cubs tonight and the Sox murdered the Pirates to sweep their last three). So much for the local "experts". What a set-up!

It is published in the newspaper and boasted in the local sports broadcast media daily...this IS going to be the Cubs year!. Who knows? Maybe it is. Maybe it won' (more Ozzie speak).

This is a good sign, counting your Domician fighting chickens before they come home…to roost. Better yet, it’s like counting the gallons before your goat gets milked.

White Sox fans know better. We expect the worst and hope for the best.

Is it possible that one or both Chicago teams will enter post season play? It's June. It's a long shot.

This weekend's series will be fascinating to watch.

I say bring it on!


johnnyj said...

Ahhhh, "the dog days of summer."

"Me lika da beisbol berry berry much."-Sammy Sooser...

Dan from Madison said...

Bring it indeed! I will be all about the Sox this weekend. My Crew is back to within 5.5 games, and the flubs will flounder with injuries. I will be at Miller Park on Sunday with one of my daughters watching our beloved Brewers crush the hapless Orioles, and I will be keeping a side eye on that Cubs/Sox score. Go Crew, Go not Cubs!!

Carl from Chicago said...

I'll be there on Saturday.

As always, I will be conflicted, being a freakish Cub and Sox fan.

It will be crazy, that's for sure.

Dan from Madison said...

That conflicted stuff is bologna. Pick one or the other.