Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Baseball is Dying

Last week Gerry and I each went to the Indy 500 with family and friends and had a great time. The event basically takes over the whole city of Indianapolis with ~ 300,000 attendees, plus many more around for the various events that don't attend on Sunday.

I tried to watch the White Sox but they weren't on TV tonight. They were on some sort of Comcast+ channel that the restaurant I was having dinner at didn't have.

Apparently we weren't alone in our relatively low interest. The first place White Sox played the first place Tampa Bay "Rays" (not Devil Rays) tonight and per Yahoo! sports:

"The AL Central leaders won the first-ever game at Tropicana Field between teams in sole possession of first place in their divisions Thursday night, cooling off the AL East-leading Rays 5-1 before of a crowd of 12,636."

How's that for a crowd for two first place teams, on a presumably nice night in Tampa Bay? That is pathetic attendance.

While I can't find the quote on the internet, I remember some sort of quote for Tony LaRussa saying that the St. Louis / Detroit series in 2006 was nothing compared to a NASCAR event.

Maybe baseball needs Danica or something to liven things up...


Gerry from Valpo said...

Saw the game last night. Many more seats than fans.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of kids playing soccer these days and have for years. Not many kids play baseball anymore. Could come a day when no one knows how to play baseball.

Alderman Jon said...

Tampa Bay has been horrible for years so it is no surprise there are only a few fans who go to the games even when they are good. They drew just over 10,000 for a couple games against the Rangers this last week. The Rays do draw better with the big name teams. I checked their attendance and they drew 35,000 and 32,000 for Saturday and Sunday games against Boston They also drew 25,000 for a Saturday game against the Angels; however the Sunday game was back 13,000 and the Friday game was under that. Another surprise is the Rays only averaged about 18,000 for a weekday 4 game series against the Yankees.

As for kids not playing baseball the anonymous poster is in an area that is more focused on Soccer because the Chicago Suburbs is a hot bed of baseball talent. My town of about 5,500 people had the largest number of baseball players ever for ages 5-14.