Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Indiana Primary. Via Illinois.

I am treading on thin ice. I promised Dan and Carl I would not discuss politics. Tonight I cannot stop myself. Just this one time? Please?

Call it a civic duty. Call it democracy in action. Call it Operation Whachacamacallit.

My policy is to avoid primaries but I never miss a real vote. When I lived in Crook County, Illinois if you voted Republican in a primary you were immediately added to the Crook County Circuit Court Jury Duty call list. That’s how they punish known republican voters over there and I know because I was on the list early on. Then I got hip.

So I went to vote very early this morning here in Valpo, IN and was second in line. My polling place was a church, how fitting. People there were friendly too, no bitter people here in this small town. The usual election judges were there, no one under 90 years old were working my local polling place.

We had paper ballots this morning, the same kind of fill-in-the-hole paper system I took many tests on as a kid. Placed the completed ballot into what looked like a shredder. It ate my ballot like Slick Willie inhaling a Big Mac. Wait, he didn’t inhale, did he?

I was 18 in 1971. My first ballot was cast on one of those big old steel machines where I walked up to it, pulled a large lever and a curtain wrapped around me for privacy. On the face of the machine were rows of tiny little switches. They were called levers but they were more like circuit-breaker switches. I remember campaign lawn signs asking you to “pull the top lever” which meant to vote straight democrat. I usually flicked the second lever. Quick and fast, I was out of there.

So I am watching FoxNEWS as I write this. It’s after11pm. Fox is holding off on calling Indiana either way even after the Hildebeast declared victory live in Indianapolis.

The reason? Lake County has yet to report in and it is the second largest county in the state. Lake is home to Gary, Hammond and East Chicago Indiana. Unionville. I call it Crook County Illinois LITE. This is the kind of trick they used in Illinois for years. Hold out the hardcore precincts until late, so they could stuff the ballot box with ner-do-well’s, drunks and dead people. Cook County invented and perfected voter fraud. I have seen this exact tactic played out in Illinois elections for years.

I have been reading about and studying the Chicago machine dems for years too. Newspapers and books have been written. Everybody knows what goes on. What do Illinois voters continue to do? Those zombies continue to vote dem year after year. Unions. Outfit. Crooks.

Mike Royko, a famous union supporting left-wing Chicago journalist, coined the city’s gummint motto as “Ubi Est Mea" --- where's mine?

Sen. B.O. is a blue-blood Chicago Democrat Machine style politician, not a true change agent as his campaign and wiling media partners would have you believe. In Illinois you go nowhere unless you are connected to the most crooked, scheming, corrupt politicians in this country and he goddamn well knows each one personally all the way to the top. They lie, cheat and steal and not necessarily in that order.

To believe B.O. will be a different kind of leader is an understatement. Washington has never seen a Chicago Machine politician at the top. Change? You got it. This country will look just like Chicago if this joker gets in. Check out the books in Crook County. They never met a wallet they couldn’t lift or a tax they couldn’t pass. Chicago has some of the nation’s strictest gun laws, and one of the highest murder rates. To an Illinois politician, a middle-class working stiff is like a Rush St. drunk face-down in the alley with a big fat wallet sticking out of his back pocket ripe for easy plucking.

You want change? That’s what this country will get and not the kind he is selling on the surface. Youth is wasted on the young. Imagine what kind of cabinet and judges this joker will appoint. Consider his close associates…a churched-up mentally-ill zealot, a mad 60’s radical terrorist Weather Underground bomber and a Chicago machine fundraising pay-to-play crook and not long after his oath-of-office.

Washington will turn into Chicago faster than you can say Teamster Pension Fund.

I see his young starry-eyed zombies holding signs, drunk with ecstasy (yes, we can) and blind to what they are doing. If you think it’s bad now just wait.

I want this thing to go down to the wire. Let them fight it out. Tear each other to shreds. More pastors will come along. Mr. Resco will do his part too. The longer this goes on, the more Chicago dirt will come out on Sen. B.O. (D-IL)

Right now I am filled with hope. But when Lake County, Indiana finally checks in…look out.

This is old style Chicago dem politics at it's worst. Right here in Northwest Indiana.


johnnyj said...

Dare I tread on thin ice with you? You bet! Not to worry, this country is going to be just fine.

-I'm with you Gerry.

How did you survive prohibition?How the hell did you get off the Titanic?

-HA ha...

Dan from Madison said...

Good screed. The Hildebeast won it though, 51-49. I predict a Dem president one way or the other, and we are f*cked one way or the other. But it will only be for four years, then we will throw the bums out, as I am fond of saying. Then again, I am going to bet right now that McCain has quite a few "October surprises" in his pocket for this fall.

As long as the Repubs hold enough to filibuster, that is the key.

Annie said...

It's like voting for Satan or his twin sister.
No matter who wins, we'll have a big turd for president. And everybody knows you can't pick up a turd by the clean end.