Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fight Night

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Last Saturday night Carl and I went to a great Muay Thai fight card in Milwaukee that featured my Muay Thai instructor and Milwaukee's own Duke Roufus. It was a great time. It seemed that half of my gym was there to see our instructor fight.

I had arranged for a Towncar to pick up Carl and myself at the hotel. What arrived was a huge stretch limo! Putting both of our legs out as far as we could inside this thing still didn't allow for our feet to touch. I was surprised - and will probably be surprised at the bill as well. I hope that the car company didn't do a bait and switch on me. I guess I will find out in a couple of weeks.

But it worked out great! Here is a photo of me enjoying a complimentary water on the way to the fights.
I felt a little weird when we arrived. We were the only ones that rolled up in this giant car and when we popped out people were sort of staring at us to see if we were anyone important. As we left the event later, some drunk guy was looking inside the car and yelling "you think you are special but you are not!". Funny stuff.

The event was held at the Harley Davidson dealership in Milwaukee. These people know how to stage an event. I will guess that there were a thousand people packed in there, standing room only. There were tons of str1ppers walking around all night offering shots and other types of booze to the thirsty patrons. Here are a couple of them with some sort of "shot in a syringe" of which neither Carl nor myself partook. Thankfully. The one on the right received many leers from the male patrons as the night went on.

And here are some more, one with the th0ng. About half did the th0ng thing, and the other half of the str1ppers had either a skimpy dress or other strange revealing outfit on. Or simply a swimsuit.
I should mention that right next door to this place is a str1p bar, and that I assume most of these ladies after hawking booze here went to work right next door to do more business. There was a huge stream of people moving from the fights to the str1p bar afterward. Business would be good for these ladies tonight, that is for sure.

The fight crowd was very good and this photo shows probably one of the best fights. These guys were pretty evenly matched.

I had an interesting conversation with a guy at our table who has been doing Muay Thai for almost a year, just like myself. He trains at Duke Roufus's gym in Milwaukee. Pretty cool guy - we had a lot of the same stories to share about starting out how clueless we used to be and how hard the training is at times. I found out that Roufus doesn't turn on the A/C at his place in the summer, just like at my gym. I figured as much.

I got to see my instructor win with a knockout. He kneed the opponent in the floating ribs. The opponent then covered his ribs because he thought another knee was coming there. Well, my instructor grabbed his head and gave him a knee right on the melon, to end the fight. I didn't see too good of a view of that shot, but I did see the huge baseball sized swelling on my instructors knee after the fight - I can't imagine how the opponent's head looked or felt. Carl and I agreed that pretty much anyone that goes into the ring in a professional manner has a bit of a screw loose. Which is OK, just a fact it seems. Better than doing drugs I guess.

Later, I also got to see Duke Roufus beat the living hell out of a guy for three rounds. I have no idea how that guy kept coming back for more, but he did.

The seats I had sort of sucked. We were close to the ring, but it was hard to see the action at times in one of the corners and through the ropes. I will buy a standing room ticket next time, or the cheapest reserved seat and move around.

The crowd was very loud. Many of my gymmates were in attendance and we all went to a bar afterward to celebrate the instructor's victory. I liked actually hanging out with my gymmates outside of the gym and getting to know them better. A great bunch of people. It was a great night.


Annie said...

Sounds like you had a fun night.
Those syringe dealies...was it some kind of jello? Or just colored liquid & alcohol?
When I clicked that pic to look, I noticed how happy the brunette on the far right looks! (Beside the blonde). LOL! Good times...good times...

Dan from Madison said...

I don't know what was in those syringes and wasn't really too interested to find out.

That brunette - that was probably the only second she wasn't all smiles that night - she raked it in. But not from me.

They had some broads walking around with bottles of some booze that they poured directly into the mouths of patrons as well. Maybe in my younger day, but no more.

Annie said...

They had some broads walking around with bottles of some booze that they poured directly into the mouths of patrons...
I'm in the same (but much older) boat... today that just screams communicable disease to me. :p
OK, next question:
Did you have to go through metal detectors or a pat down to get in?
Just wondered about how the "Fight" atmosphere mixed with booze availability affects a permit holder.

Dan from Madison said...

Yes the sanitation was horrible as the str1ppers held the booze too close to the partons mouths - they should have cascaded it down their throats from above, but they instead chose to pour it from too close to their mouths. Yuck.

No metal detector (that I saw, and I had a pocket knife on me) or pat down. The crowd was very well behaved. Carl remarked that about half of the people there probably were fighters or trained in some sort of gym, and that mentally kept everyone else in line.

Annie said...

Just wondered. They do a fight night here every so often and there's always a call for extra security (outside, not in).

Carl from Chicago said...

Thanks again for inviting me. It was a great time!

Gerry from Valpo said...

Nice broads! :)>