Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring and Wildlife Comeback

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The above photo was taken one block from my house. We have been seeing lots of wild turkeys in my neighborhood the last few years. I live in a mature subdivision that looks like a lot of other mature subdivisions in the United States. In fact, if you were blindfolded and dropped in there and had to identify where you were, I would wager that you would have a lot of difficulty. In other words, it is a pretty unremarkable place.

With the Spring thaw I have been seeing tons of wildlife scurrying about for chow. The deer are all over the place. I have seen the geese heading back north. A red fox ran across the road in front of my car the other day. I have lived in this area of the country all of my life, and in Madison itself for almost 14 years. Is it just me or is wildlife in general making a comeback? Are the different species adapting to development better? I never used to see things like foxes, hawks, turkeys, deer, and coyotes but now these are commonplace.

Of course all of my evidence is anecdotal. I would like some more observations from our readers that live in urban areas around the country (and the world for that matter). Do you see more animals in general? What types?

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johnnyj said...

When I lived on the island (Uganda)'wildlife' was common. I saw black-tail deer almost everyday. The impressive thing was the "endangered" bald eagle. There were tons of them out there along with hawks, ospreys, jakes, rabbits etc...

In the city I see lots of fat racoons and possums.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Wildlife is becoming much more abundant. Take it from a dedicated hunter and fisherman.

In my neighborhood there is welcome wildlife (ducks, geese, deer) and unwelcome wildlife (coyote, squirrel, opossum, raccoon and chipmunks.

I like to sharpen my aim on 'munks using a sweet lil' .177 cal. 1000+fps air rifle from one of three upstairs sniper posts. Those tiny bastards are hard to hit but I do my part to thin the herd. Bunnies don't stand a chance if they trespass in my herb garden.

I do not hunt anything that cannot be eaten. But when it comes to destructive pests there is no mercy.

Mornings and evenings are best for bunnies. 'munks are best in mid-day. Gawd, do i hate chipmunks.

TC said...

Turkey season opened here in GA this past Saturday. Lots more here now than when I moved here 12 years ago.

And feral/wild hogs are out of control in south GA and north FL.