Saturday, March 15, 2008

Illini Basketball Part II

Minnesota played an incredible game and beat Indiana in front of what was essentially a home crowd of Indiana fanatics. It is all the more satisfying to see both Indiana and Purdue LOSE in Indianapolis.

The Minnesota / Indiana game went down to the wire with the lead changing and an incredible last minute shot. Why the heck weren't the Big Ten games this exciting during the regular season?

I don't have a good perspective on this year because once the Illini started falling apart I stopped watching most of the college basketball games, although I did tune in for the NC / Duke game which was well played although I wish for a pox on both teams (NC because they beat the Illini for the national championship a few years back, and Duke for being Duke).

Basically the Illini collapse this year saved me hours and hours of time following them and now I can jump right in like Mr. Bandwagon and see if they surge through the tournament. It is a long shot but less and less of a longshot; I don't know the odds (Dan probably does) but the Illini are probably being given a pretty good shot against an exhausted Minnesota team (they played later in the day). If the Illini win then at least their season will come down to 1 game (the finals).

And if the Illini make the tournament, I am sure they'd be a running joke, due to their record. But whomever gets to play them likely wouldn't be so happy, because for a 16th seed (I assume they'd have to be that low with their record) their opponent (#1 seed) would be facing probably the best playing and hottest 16th seed from an actual program in history.

But, of course, I am getting way ahead of myself.


Dan from Madison said...

Yes you are getting ahead of yourself, because Wisco is going to win the tournament.

Did you say odds? The handy "Today's Line" on the sidebar reveals that there is not a line posted yet on our game, which is strange. I suppose the oddsmakers have to try to scramble for info on the Illini now that they are this far along in the Big Ten tournament.

I was save hours and hours following the Illini this year not only because of the fact that they stunk up the joint, but that NONE OF THE GAMES WERE ON BECAUSE COMCAST AND CHARTER DIDN'T HAVE THE BIG TEN NETWORK.

Lets say by a fluke we go all the way. We won't be a 16 seed. The teeny tiny schools always get those. We will most likely be a 13 or 14. But it would truly stick it in everyone's patootie, a far under .500 team in the show.

And yes, I am also savoring the fact that Indiana and Purdue both choked in what are essentially home games. Tough crap Gerry, we hate your Indiana teams.

Dan from Madison said...

As an aside, the line says Wisco by 3.5 - I don't think that is enough. Hmm there are a lot of games not on the board yet, looking around at various sites.

Carl from Chicago said...

Do you mean Minnesota by 3.5? I am not so sure on your Wisco prediction, even though I admit I am biased. They played a damn ugly first game in the tournament. Not that I'd put money on it, but I wouldn't think it would take an insane upset for the Illini to win.

Dan from Madison said...

No, I mean Wisco by 3.5. The Illinois game is not on the board yet.

Carl from Chicago said...

OK. I am surprised that the line is so low for Wisco. They are a good team, much better than the Illini. I am a biased dreamer

Dan from Madison said...

The line is up - Illinois by 2!

Carl from Chicago said...

Illinois has beaten Minnesota 19 times in a row per the commenters. Winning pretty big in the first half.

Dan from Madison said...

Tied now in the second half. Falling apart.

Wow we have some really good raw talent out there - if we can keep them eligible and they aren't leaving people for dead after dui accidents we will be back in the show in no time.

I had no clue we had MJ's kid.