Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hot Pants Fashion Discussion

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Way back when in this comment thread my Thai Shorts were branded "Hot Pants" by the wonderful readers of this blog. In situtations such as these it is always best to just roll with it, and so I have. Here is the original pair of Hot Pants, bedecked with since earned yellow sash with yellow and green stripe.
I go to the gym usually three times a week or more, so I bought a duplicate pair of the above for sanitary reasons. In other words, I sweat like a pig. Well, those two are no longer enough and are starting to wear out so I went shopping for a couple of new pair. The options on Thai Shorts are staggering (you really wouldn't believe how many there are), but since I have already been branded the Hot Pants Guy I decided to stick with the theme. All hail the two new additions to the family.
There has been another discussion on this recent post about my choice of swimwear for my self portrait. I honestly don't remember which pair I had on but I am pretty sure it was the one on the right. To be sure, wearing either pair of these on the beach gets you noticed by the fairer sex in a most positive way.
And for lounging by the pool, as I mentioned before, be sure to make yourself stick out from the crowd - a crustacean patterned pair of swinning TRUNKS (happy Annie?) is sure to do the trick and draw a lot of attention from the ladies.

Oh I almost forgot, for more sage fashion advice, don't forget to visit Jonathan here and here and for more timeless tips click on "fashion" on the sidebar on the left.


Annie said...

Those pics...


jonathan said...

Ha, linking to my regrettably not yet forgotten fashion posts. I think you are getting back at me for pointing out your HOT PANTS.

Dan from Madison said...

Those posts will never be forgotten. And I actually like your fashion posts. Great minds think alike, as they say.