Saturday, February 09, 2008

Weddings, and Canon in D

Annie posted about how much she likes Canon in D by Pachelbel. I differ on my opinions of this song slightly. Well, maybe not slightly - I really hate the song.

But I have a good reason.

I met a woman in May of 1994 at a (kickbutt) party at Carl's old place in Wrigleyville. I think that house was on Byron if memory serves. I bet that old landlady still has nightmares about me to this day, but that is most certainly grist for another post.

I chased and hunted this woman who I met at that party relentlessly like I had never done with a girlfriend before. She was dating around a bit, but I won the competition and eventually those guys went by the wayside and we were officially "dating". This woman has been my wife for over thirteen years now. I am a lucky guy.

The summer of 1994, while we were dating, was for me, the summer of hell for weddings. It seemed that all of my wife's friends and relatives and a few of mine were getting married. We were sitting on the couch talking the other night and tried to count them all - we think we attended NINE weddings that summer. We knew the wedding drill very well by the end of that. I think that attending so many weddings in a row like that soured us on weddings in general and may have contributed to our eloping to New Orleans.

But I digress again. After going to this many weddings (don't forget, we had also been to several the year before and the year after too) you get sick of some traditions and enamored with others. I always like the chicken dance. I like it when the guy has to take off the bride's garter with his teeth. I hate the first dance. Unless it looks like this.

My wife was even a bridesmaid a couple of times that summer and I was a groomsman once. She still has some of the terrible dresses in her closet. I liked the rehearsal dinner for the wedding I was involved in. I hate "chicken a la wedding" as I like to call it. I hate the Righteous Brothers. My wife and I both love the wedding cake. We both hate it when the bride and groom smear each other with cake. We both love it when they put tiny dollops of frosting on each others noses. I like bachelor parties. My wife hates bachelorette parties. I like open bars. This list of wedding traditions is practically endless.

I really, REALLY hate Canon in D. So does this guy, in what has to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Annie found this gem as well, so credit goes to her.


Annie said...

LOL @ this whole blog entry!
That rocks! And thanks for the nod.

JMAC said...

That whole post is hilarious!! Love the first dance...absolutely cried laughing at the Canon in D spoof.

Moxie said...

That video is genius! Now I need to watch it again, I enjoyed it that much :)

Jonathan said...

I thought I told you no cameras!