Friday, February 22, 2008

New Look Bulls

Dan watched a dispiriting NBA game and blogged about it here. On the other hand, I saw the Bulls tonight and they put on an amazing offensive display, whupping the newly tough Denver Nuggets and scoring 135 points. The announcer said that this was the most points scored by the Bulls since 1992 but I was unable to corroborate this on the web.

The game seemed unlikely to be a success since my ticket had Ben Wallace on the front of it; the United Center used to "bong" like the chimes of Big Ben but those were few and far between the way he had played recently. But the Bulls traded Mr. Wallace (as well as firing Coach Skiles, who was a class act until the end and refused to whimper about his firing) and now they are totally refreshed and a much more dangerous team. They are playing their kids like Tyrus Thomas who has just an amazing ability to leap and block shots and who really put on a display. Noah was also doing great and Gordon, probably in his "contract year" as a Bull (likely for someone else), was on fire.

It was great, exciting basketball against a good Denver team that had been playing well and was fortified by Iverson in addition to Anthony. It was a good omen for the Bulls to beat up on them and score so easily.

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Gerry from Valpo said...

I love the idea of a group of underpaid no-names winning a championship. Like my 2005 Chicago White Sox did =)