Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Drop Dead Pat Forde - Bobby Knight Edition

It must be a wonderful thing to be able to buttsnorkel your way to a cushy job at ESPN.com. All you have to do is sit in your house and write columns. It doesn't matter if they are good or not, nor does it matter if they are correct or not. You don't even have to be a decent writer. All that matters is that you are making fun of people and filling up pixels to collect that paycheck. Dammit, I am jealous that a guy could be so wrong and such a jerk, and still get paid for it.

Lets all review last years quote of the year from this article, and the gem that started me on this Drop Dead Pat Forde kick:
Syracuse-Illinois (14): The two worst coaching hires of 2004 square off. Greg Robinson (5-20 at Syracuse) and Ron Zook (5-20 at Illinois) compete for the right to give their fans false hope that they're turning things around.

Bwahahahahaha! Do the words Rose Bowl mean anything to you, Pat? How about top twenty recuiting class? Didn't think so.

With that out of the way, we move on to this awful article I saw on ESPN.com today, where Pat Forde basically bitches because Bobby Knight retired with ten games left in the season. The content is ridiculous and we will get to that in a minute, and the writing itself is borderline torture. Don't they make sports journalists take a creative writing course or anything?

Sayeth the Pat:
Knight has always been a putative disciplinarian who lacked self-discipline. Now a man who demands loyalty has abandoned a Texas Tech team that is 12-8 (3-3 Big 12) and No. 54 in the RPI -- in other words, still harboring NCAA Tournament hopes.

What to make of that sentence? It is obvious that Tech's chances of reaching the dance are very small, and Knight wanted to get his some kid a bit of coaching experience during the end of this year. And what is with the self-discipline sentence? It just makes absolutely no sense.

But wait, there is more, so much more:
So now Knight takes his record 902 wins and quits. Bobby Petrino was charbroiled for leaving the Atlanta Falcons with three games left and the team at 3-10, but The General surrenders with at least 11 games to go and we're supposed to give him a pass?

What the hell? We are comparing Bobby Petrino, an NFL coach who coached a total of LESS THAN ONE YEAR to Bobby Knight, who has been coaching college basketball for something like 50 years? Bobby Knight has over 900 wins! Laughable.

And this:
Not if there are no health issues attached for him or anyone in his immediate family, and by all indications from those surrounding Knight, there are none. Remember, this is a guy who signed a three-year contract extension in September.

I am sure that Bobby Knight contacted Pat Forde to let him know that everything was alright at home. Since when is it Forde's business to check into it? If Knight wants to quit and he reached some sort of agreement with Texas Tech, so what?
That's nice for Pat Knight, who has a chance to be a very successful head coach. But what about the four seniors on the Tech roster: leading scorer Martin Zeno, No. 3 assist man Charlie Burgess and reserves Esmir Rizvic and Tyler Hoffmeister? How do they feel about having the last weeks of their college careers turned over to on the-job training for the coach's son?

Since when does Pat Forde give a rats a** about college athletes? He takes the time to bash on people he doesn't like all day long but when he sees a target that he has his eyes on, it is all love and gushing for the players...even two guys that are reserves! The bottom line is that this team isn't going anywhere, and even if they do by some miracle reach the dance, they are going to get blown out in the opening round by 40. Its not like Knight is leaving a top ten team here.

I could go on, but you get the drift. Another great big column of nothing courtesy of Pat Forde, America's worst sports writer.

Knight has never been one of my favorite coaches or people for that matter. His teams were always good at Indiana - championship good. He tormented Illinois for a long time. He let his temper get the best of him. He made some stupid mistakes and paid for them. So it goes.

I admire Knight at the same time for 100% abusing the press who was so fond of abusing him. He tossed chairs and screamed at the refs usually because they were not doing their job right. I admire passion and wish more people were like him with their passion. Too many coaches and others involved in sports keep to themselves and coddle the refs and press so they don't get into trouble with their conferences or the NCAA - they don't want to offend the good old boys club.

Knight wasn't one of those. And I respect that. And as far as Pat Forde goes, well he can blow it out his you-know-what. He doesn't know a damned thing about Bobby Knight or, it seems, about any particular situation he writes about.


johnnyj said...

Forde can suck it...

I agree with you about Bobby Knight. Behind the scenes and out of the public eye he is a pure gentleman. He's also an avid fly-fisherman that loves the outdoors...

Anonymous said...

Well said Dan!

We've just seen one of the last real men (with flaws and all) leave the stage.

J in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Pat Forde is a stupid bitch, thinks he knows everything about everything.