Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Covered With Bruises

Tooling around youtube I stumbled upon this gem. A couple of guys make a bet (or the show makes it for them) on how long they can last in the ring against some Muay Thai fighters - and the fighters are women. Take a look:

Wow did those guys take a bunch of shots. Master Toddy, who my gym is affiliated with, instructs these women who dish out a lot of punishment. The guys are out of shape, and from watching the video a few times it looks like they didn't lay a hand on the women. I have taken plenty of these types of shots in the past, and I guarantee you that these guys were very sore the next day.

As a side note, the girls weren't even using the clinch or elbows that much - I assume they were instructed to take it easy so these guys didn't get seriously hurt.

I passed a test last night (it was all boxing and defense) and received a stripe on my yellow sash. We are having a "mini test" every month until June, where we have a long test for our next sashes. Mine will be orange.

Added: I just realized that the girls were wearing shin guards too. Smart move on the part of the shows producers not to leave the guys crippled.


Anonymous said...

Guys - Your blog is awesome! I live in West Central In. Retired from the US Air Force a few years ago and now work for an 'evil' Pharmaceutical firm in Indy.

I especially liked the Winamac hunting content but just got started looking at other areas of your blog (Gerry, I think something is terribly wrong with your Brittany as they aren't supposed to have tails) hmmm. ;)

Your blog lets me know there are more people in the midwest that are great thinkers than just me. (all modesty aside I assure you).

I also own a K-31 - My FAVORITE implement of enjoyment when headed out to the range. The 9mm pistol shooters don't really care much for it though :)

Anyway - great site!
Jay in Putnam County

Dan from Madison said...

Glad to have you aboard Jay, and thanks for the kind words. Ah, the K-31. I did manage to finish one of mine and fire it several times last year, but just didn't have enough time to dial it in. What a tack driver that thing will be one day. I plan on getting the other one done this spring, and getting both dialed in this summer. I may purchase a diopter for one of them if I really want to get into it.

I will leave Gerry to answer your pheasant question.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Hi Jay!

What you saw on my Brittany was a "tail extender" that I ordered from Cabela's. $19.95 plus shipping.

Works great too! =)

Were you stationed at Grissom? My neighbor was. He was a KC-10 pilot and flew many refueling missions during Desert Storm.

Please visit often. And thank you for your service!!!

Jonathan said...

An orange sash for Hot Pants?

Dan from Madison said...

It won't look as good as my stylish yellow sash now, but oh well. I always sacrifice fashion.