Sunday, February 03, 2008


Saturday I promised a wing lesson complete with photos from my SuperBowl halftime feast. Didn’t happen. I managed to watch the game and I must say it was one of the best SuperBowls I ever watched including SBX which yours truly attended at the Orange Bowl in 1976 for free.

Here’s how I spent my SuperBowl Sunday but first some background. On Friday I went to the Apple store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago to buy a mouse. On the way there I was able to capture that snowy Jack Brickhouse image for a previous post.

It was a very sloppy day with 12” of snow. A nasty ass day Friday was. The Apple store is very minimalist and clean. There is a wide glass stairway to the second floor. On the way down it seemed slick from wet shoes so I took it easy. On the second to the last step my foot went up in the air and my tailbone came down on the corner of the 3” thick glass stair under the weight of 235lbs.

This caused quite a commotion in the store with customers and employees rushing to my aid. An employee asked if I needed medical attention. It did not hurt much and I was able to walk so I thanked him and went to pick up a mouse. The store manager asked if I wanted him to call for the paramedics. I thought about it but I was in a hurry and did not feel much discomfort. After thanking him he asked for my name and phone number, which I gave to him and he wrote it down. As I left customers came up to me and told what a nasty fall it was and asked if I was alright but being in a hurry to catch a train I just left. Bad move. But I appreciated everyone's concern for my well being. Chicagoans are really good people for the most part.

Woke up Saturday morning and there was more discomfort, but not too bad. Sunday morning I could barely move. Three years ago I suffered two broken ribs in a motorcycle mishap and the progression of pain was very similar to that. It didn’t really hit for two days. This one was much worse so I went to an urgent care center at 1pm today when it opened in search of pain killers for what was surely to be a fractured tailbone.

I waited for two hours to get see the doctor. Nurse Ratchett would not even change the waiting room channel so I could watch the pre-game show. She preferred CNN, the Communist News Network. Just my luck. The Doc explained that an x-ray would probably not show a break in that area and he recommended an MRI which they did not have. We went ahead with the x-ray and he was correct. No break was visible.

Here’s the weird part, like broken ribs, there is nothing that can be done for a broken tailbone. It can only heal naturally without any kind of cast or support. Even if I went for an MRI, so what? Because of the procedure he needed an x-ray before he could prescribe pain killers. He prescribed, at my request, Tylenol with Codene. I explained to him that Vicodin (a synthetic codene) and makes me feel ill. T-3’s work great and the buzz is nice too.

So I did not get home until kickoff exactly. 4.5 hours for that ordeal. Wings cancelled. I even wrote the post last night, all I needed were the photos. Next weekend the wing post will be up.

Sure hope Apple will pick up my medical expenses. I will pay a visit there tomorrow to find out.


Dan from Madison said...

Oh, suck fest. Hope you feel better, and good luck getting Steve Jobs to pick up your tab.

Annie said...

Geez, Gerry!
Those seem to take so long to get better....hope it goes fast for you!

Carl from Chicago said...

ouch that hurts! great graphics, though :)

Jonathan said...


As soon as I saw the diagram I knew what had happened.

Get well soon.

jti said...

Ouch ! I hurt mine in a mountain biking accident - I couldn't sit in a chair normally for over 6 weeks...