Monday, February 11, 2008

Best of the Blog - 2007 - Quarter Three

This post picks up with the popular "best of the blog" series where I highlight a few of our more prominent posts from the third quarter of 2007.

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July 2007
  1. Electricity - Dan takes apart the electricity situation in Madison (in our first cross-post over at Chicago Boyz) and Carl meets the new (and likely stillborn) Illinois Power Agency
  2. Gerry Joins- Gerry shows us how ribs are done and then goes on a visit to Chi-town in "Fool for the City"
  3. Canada - Carl visits Canada and notices the rise of the "Loonie" against the sad greenback and asks how capitalist Canada really is
  4. Blog Series - Dan goes on an epic bike ride across the Wisconsin countryside (here is the seventh post with links back to the rest) and then he has a five part series on Wisconsin agriculture (work back from here)
  5. Other Stuff - Carl puts our military situation in perspective, tells a music critic he's an ass, Dan shows how he'd deal with robbers at his business, and calls us out for being lazy
August 2007
  1. White Trash Party - in one of our most-visited posts Dan parties like an old school hair metal dude
  2. Real Estate - Carl looks out his high-rise window and asks "Chicago or Dubai?", explains how "urban renewal" works, says demand for new housing will be hurt by the subprime mess, and shows the value of location
  3. Bad Business - Dan shows in a simple photo what bad business looks like and explains the impact
  4. Football - It's opening day (pre-season) at the Bears and Carl takes a classic bum photo (which becomes part of the genesis for "Drunk Bear Fans") and Dan kicks it up a notch against the Big Ten Network here and here
  5. Cooking - Gerry salvages a bad weekend by cooking some tasty looking crab legs and makes some kick-butt looking salsa dip
September 2007
  1. Pat Forde - not content just to "fight the power" on PSL's and the Bears & the Big Ten Network, Dan goes after the idiotic commentator Pat Forde here and here over his stupid comments (and failure to admit them) about the Illini and Zook
  2. Health Care Economics - Carl explains how the bad costing signals sent by cost allocation screws up health care and Dan predicts doom for Wisconsin should they ever embrace universal coverage
  3. Financials - Carl says that "technical analysis" makes you overpay for housing, explains how your rate of return assumptions are way too optimistic, and explains what Cook County ought to do instead of pulling the "tax increase" lever every time (like the Walker Texas Ranger lever on Conan)
  4. Football - it starts to get ugly in Bear country as Gerry points out in a post on Rex and has a great time (and cooks a fine meal) at a pre-game Bears tailgate with Carl and Dan... but let's not forget about drunken "Turtle" and the fun she brought us. Carl ends with a great book on football by the fantastic journalist Michael Lewis
  5. Air Zoo - Dan goes on a multi-part blog series about all the planes and firearms at the Air Zoo (start here and work backwards)

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