Tuesday, January 08, 2008

They Talk About The Weather...

Sunday night I had a nice fire going. It was not necessary since temperatures were in the upper 60's. In January. In the Indiana snow belt. I watched over a foot of snow disappear in two days. Gone, thank God.

I burn a lot of wood. It's free for the most part since I cut it myself or get it cheap from locals who want it removed. Chopping wood with a chain saw is about as manly man of an activity as you can get, third only to shooting high power firearms or blowing things up on the Fourth Of July. Folks who go the wood delivery route pay well over a hundred dollars for a face cord of seasoned hardwood, especially in Illinois. Now that’s money to burn.

They say wood warms you three times, once when you cut it, once when you stack it and once again when you burn it. It's true. It's also a good workout for the back muscles.

My fireplace has glass doors and an exterior air feed so it is as efficient as a fireplace can be since it does not suck air out of the home. But in no way does it heat the house. It's strictly for atmosphere. At my old place I had a Vermont Castings cast iron airtight wood stove. That thing helped heat the house and had a lot of charm too.

Gas log fireplaces are for weenies. Sorry. Nothing beats the aroma and feel of burning real wood on a cold lazy winter weekend especially wild cherry, my favorite. Second would be ash followed by oak as long as it is well seasoned wood and by that I mean it needs to sit at least a year to dry properly. Otherwise your chimney sweep will love your frequent cleaning calls. A creosote loaded chimney scares the hell out of me, My chimney is 40' high so cleaning it is something I am not about to take on.

Last night we not only has temps in the upper 60's but nasty ass thunderstorms as well. In Wisco they had tornados. Everything OK, Dan? Here is a radar shot. I drove through that mess on the way home from Chicago. Blinding rain and wind.

That brings me to the subject of man-made global warming. In recent years whenever weather phenomenon (Katrina) occurs the 'truthers' like to crow about it being amother sign of man-made global warming. The end is near. Carbon butt prints and all that. I say bull. I prefer to call it Gorebal Warming since an overweight ex vice president is using it to gain attention and worshipers. To me IT IS HUGE HOAX. It is another guilt ridden hustle and a scam from the far left.

The earth has been warming since the ice age and man can do nothing to reverse the effects unless we launch a space shuttle toward the sun and blow out solar flare activity, which has been on the increase. Who's getting on THAT bus?

In my observations as an avid outdoorsman and conservationist the climate has been changing a bit. Seasonal animal behavior has become more unpredictable. Fish spawn is off the traditional schedule and migratory birds are acting differently. For instance, I was supposed to be goose hunting in southern Illinois this weekend but the geese have not made it that far south yet. Same thing happened last year at this time when my goose hunting trip produced nothing due to an ice storm that was bringing down trees and power lines.

Last year we could not keep jumbo perch (up to 14") off our hooks on southern Lake Michigan. This year the prevailing winds came from the northwest making perch fishing very spotty all summer. Climate change or natural order? Who knows. One thing we do know is that the scientific community is still debating the cause of "climate change". I say it is in the hands of God and nature.

I do everything I can to conserve. I recycle and never leave anything but my footprints on nature. I ride my motorcycle in the summer to avoid wasting fuel. It's because I am frugal more than anything but I believe in being a compassionate conservationist taking nothing more than I can use. It's all we can do.

But if those whistle-ass Gorebal Warming kooks get their way we will all suffer economic impact. I just don't think it's worth it and it won’t solve a thing.


johnnyj said...

Another excellent post, gerry...

The upsetting thing is that "sportsmen" have a reputation as the "bad guys" when we know for a fact that we do more to conserve than any left wing "*&^%" ever will...I'll never understand how people who don't spend anytime in the outdoors get to make these BS decisions.

Oh, I prefer oak, it burns hotter.

Carl from Chicago said...

funny on gas fireplaces. when I lived in bucktown in a condo I had a ventless fireplace that I never used but Dan came one time to stay overnight and said that they were flat out banned in Wisconsin (they are all over here in Chicago) and why didn't I just "stick my head in the oven". FUNNY. Never used it after that.

Dan from Madison said...

Yea that was one of those vent free models, they are so scary. Your life depends on a $10 oxygen depletion sensor. If it dies, you die, simple as that.

These appliances have been banned in Wisco for a long time in any living space. You can still buy and put them into detached buildings like garages and the like. Many put them into ice fishing shanties (run on propane), and cottages where there is no chance of inspection. Several die every year.