Thursday, January 24, 2008

Temperatures Going Down To -2 Tonight

Last night it was -4. It's January, so what's new? I look forward to this heat wave tonight.

Valparaiso got a few inches of lake effect snow last night but not much, just enough to add to the salty slop on the roads already turning my dark green Jeep Wrangler into a white frosted rust enabler. On top of the 5-6” already down it’s not unusual for this time of year. East of here near South Bend they got whacked with 8-10” in the last 24 hrs. Better them than us.

I have been going into the city a lot lately to work. One company wants me working on-site and the only problem I have with that is commuting in weather like this. Guess I am turning into a weather wimp in my older age. My claim for years has been that there is no such thing as cold weather, just bad apparel. Thank you, Cabela’s.

It is rare for me to come home and start a fire on a weeknight after working on location all day. But tonight I needed it for warmth, reflection, relaxation and atmosphere. It is my way of making the best of the hazards living in an area of the country with variable seasonal climate anomalies. Tonight I just needed it. It feels good too.

I have made it no secret here on the blog that the widespresd hustle known as man made climate change (Gorebal Warming) provides me with amusement and fear at the same time. Amusement because the “Warmists” have sub-zero credibility with me. All you need to do is look at who is behind the effort and follow the money. It scares me because a large segment of the population is buying into this "Man-Made Warming" scam, fueled by the non-stop agenda-driven mainstream media propaganda. People are bad for the planet, you know?

Yesterday a published web article got my attention. Too bad that facts and common sense like this does not get the attention it deserves. The piece was written by someone who knows a bit about physics and provides solid facts to debunk the Warmist nutbags. Check it out here:

By Monday a typical January thaw will bring us up to predicted 50 degree temperatures locally. So I have no ambition to clear the concrete of snow this weekend. And that is my convenient truth.


Carl from Chicago said...

They published an article recently saying that cold caused a lot more deaths than heat waves... apparently it is bad for the heart, but doesn't get much publicity.

Don't know if it is true, though, a lot of their evidence was that people down south who left the north lived up to 15 years longer. Maybe that is correlation not causality since only the rich(er) people can afford to do that.

In any case this cold SUCKS

Dan from Madison said...

A couple of people have died here in Wisco from the cold this year. I can't remember anyone dying from heat in a long time.

-2 Gerry? You have it balmy, try minus ten here last night, with a wind chill of death. But like you said, reprieve coming. I didn't shovel either.