Saturday, January 12, 2008

Strange Diversions

I have never been able to play a musical instrument. I tried a couple times when I was little, like most kids do. I originally wanted to play a flute, of all things, however I had an awful overbite and physically couldn't play the darn thing. I settled on a cornet, and drove my parents crazy with that for a few years. That was pretty much the end of my musical career.

But I have always listened to music, and lots of it. I appreciate just about every type of music, except those types of music that don't take too much talent to create. Like almost all pop music. But I even sometimes enjoy those types of songs as well.

One thing I have always been able to do is separate the different instruments in my head. In other words, if a song is playing, I can isolate the bass, guitar, drums, and vocals if I want, or just listen to the song as a whole. Typically I will "separate" out the drums. I have always loved drums and percussion - but never have laid a stick to a skin.

As I am wont to do during my battles with insomnia, last night I was perusing youtube. I swear there is more to see there than I will ever be able to digest. What a great time waster. Better than TV imho.

I stumbled upon this kickass video:

That is one "Machine Gun" Smith, drumming over Iron Maiden's "The Trooper". I dove a little deeper into Smith and found that he has spent a lot of time doing these types of videos. Here is a link to all of his stuff, check out what he did to a famous Kelly Clarkson song (it is on page 2 of the profile) and don't miss what happens when Charlie Brown meets "Machine Gun" Smith on page one. Awesome.


Carl from Chicago said...

That is a great link. I am a fan of tool (I originally wrote "big tool fan" but that didn't come out right) and he does a really cool job on a number of their songs, too. The kelly clarkson song was greatly improved. I wonder if that guy gets sued for copyright infringement... but it isn't like he gets paid for it anyways.

Dan from Madison said...

Actually he is a professional drummer so is getting paid somewhere down the line for studio/live work. I would pay to see him.