Thursday, January 24, 2008

River North Sunrise

After getting some encouraging comments on my River North photos I decided to push my luck and put some more photos up. We had a beautiful sunrise recently on a clear (cold) day and I took a couple of good photos right out my window. There is a ledge above the pain and I just set the camera on the ledge (no flash) and I had remarkably little glare in return from the window. This is a lot easier than standing out on my windswept porch, and the angles are better, too. Up above you can see the Hancock on the far left and the Rock N' Roll McDonalds in front.

This photo looks further south with the same sunrise. You can see the Trump building under construction to the right, behind the iconic IBM building.


Jonathan said...


We're going to get along just fine as long as you keep resting your camera on something solid.

Dan from Madison said...

I second Jonathan's comment.