Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, New Gym

Last night was the grand re-opening of the gym in a new location and the place sparkles. In the middle, you can see where there is a dividing curtain. This way, two different classes can be run at once, something that simply couldn't happen at the old place. There wasn't enough room. Also in this shot you can see a woman in a white hat on the right. That is Shelley, and she is probably going to fight next year in MT. Rumor has it she also may be selected to be on the next season of Fight Girls.
The Fight Girls thing is a connection well worked. Master Toddy, the coach on Fight Girls, trained the owner and head instructor of my gym and is the direct lineage of our style and curriculum of Muay Thai. He has trained many world champions out of his place in Vegas. Next time I go to Vegas, I am definitely going to make a side trip to his gym.
I can't wait to start getting back into lessons. We have been off for a couple of weeks, but I have been working on my bike and treadmill in the basement and also lifting some weights to stay in shape and keep off the holiday poundage.
I made a new friend last night too. A person who found my blog a month or so ago came out last night and may join the gym. Hopefully I will see her at the all levels workouts on Saturdays.

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