Thursday, January 17, 2008

Matt Dahl's Podcast

One of the wonders of the internet is the relatively large reach of our semi-obscure blog. For xmas I bought the blog the extended version ($6.95 / month) of the sitemeter tool, which allows us to gather some statistics about who is visiting the blog and what they are doing while they are here.

If you type in "Matt Dahl" in Google my little post here at LITGM jump to the top of the page. We also see a decent amount of "click through" traffic on people looking at Matt Dahl from Google (don't know what they think of the site once they get here, but hey, it's free).

Matt Dahl went off the air when they changed format at 105.9 here in Chicago. Now he is broadcasting from a podcast that you can download from iTunes. Here is a link to his site where you can get the link and latest on the podcast.

Matt Dahl used to broadcast for a couple hours during weeknights in the evenings and then on Saturday morning, when they inevitably seemed pretty hung over (mostly that didn't detract from the show). Now the show broadcasts "live" over the internet at noon every week day (unless he is out snowboarding or at a wedding or something) or you can just download the latest podcast from iTunes (or directly from his site, I just use iTunes because it is easier for me since I am already on and synched up).

It is interesting listening to the show via iPod because even though it is an hour long it is probably about as long as the two hour show without commercials. It is much more fun to listen to the iPod version because the commercials used to jump in and they were deafening and usually directed at the lowest common denominator (not their fault, this was a 105.9 staple). We just hook it up to our tivoli radio (photo) and an hour just flies by, usually while reading the paper, brick breakin', or putting up a blog post. All of his friends are there, including "party girl" and "story time", when he reads the lyrics to some insane rap song to the cheers and "awwwss" of the children.

I hope Matt can find a way to make some money. This blog is free (and sometimes worth that) but us posters at LITGM are not exactly counting on this to pay the mortgage. On the other hand, he is trying to parlay this into a radio gig, and hopefully he gets one. Maybe he could put some advertisements within his show or do some sort of product placement - maybe for the fryer that he uses for "frydaddy friday". Best of luck to Matt...


Dan from Madison said...

I gave him a shot with the podcast after your last post - it was OK, but nothing I can't live without.

Carl from Chicago said...

He is good but I agree it isn't the end of the world. We like him because he is like a friendly habit or something.