Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chicago By Night

Here is the Merchandise Mart by night... the storms have passed and the water was completely placid.
There is a cool bathroom store near my condo with a wall of blue lights.
Here is the Trump Tower, still underway. They are about to occupy the lower floors right now, which seems odd because they are clearly still constructing the upper floors. I have never heard of a building being opened to residents in this condition.


Dan from Madison said...

Well, the first two were in focus, but sadly the third one is not. Sigh. But 2 out of 3 is pretty good for you Carl.

Dan from Madison said...

And I like the content of photo number one very much as well.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha... I knew that the trump tower one would get some flak. I was taking that one in the rain and cold and wind and didn't feel like doing it 10 times, and also it was a zoom. But like you said, 2 of 3 is nice, and the Merchandise mart is probably my best photo ever.