Friday, January 25, 2008

Bulls Entertainment

It has been a dismal year for basketball in Chicago and Illinois this year. Tonight I went to the Bulls game vs. the Bobcats which gave me a moment to reflect on how far we have sunk.

Last year the Bulls started slow but had a huge surge to compete with Cleveland and Detroit in their division. They had an historic collapse against the Pistons in the playoffs in a game they were leading but came back to win before finally losing the 2nd round series.

The Bulls were supposed to have a big 2007-8 season... another year under the belt of Hinrich, Deng and Gordon and the Bulls were going to make a run against the Pistons for the conference title. But something went awry; even before the injuries to Deng and Gordon the Bulls were listless and routinely losing, looking slow with bad defense. Even firing Scott Skiles during the holiday season didn't do much to revive these Bulls. And to think that at one point they were thinking that this team didn't NEED Kobe Bryant to compete... yes why would a team that can't score at all need the leading scorer in the NBA.

To top it off the Illini basketball team is terrible. About the only thing I can hope for is that this bad year allows Weber to shut up so that his throat can heal; he has that terrible, scratchy voice that makes you hurt just listening to it. It seems so long ago that the Illini basketball team had players like Deron Williams, a huge comeback vs. Arizona, and took NC to the title game.

The photo above of the Bulls Tyrus Thomas just standing around says it all... losing to the Bobcats is the stuff of a dismal season.
But at least the Bulls have some decent entertainment. This guy does a one-man Village People show that is amazingly good; they dance, moonwalk, and sing. He is definitely doing something right; he doesn't have to split his check five ways; he can float the fake cowboy and cop. In a way he is the Jack White of entertaining (just pay Meg White her hourly rate for morbid drum beats and the rest is yours).

One last semi-random note; I remember being a kid and going to Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors and they had an ice cream tie-in to the horrendous movie "Can't stop the music" by the Village People; it was called "Can't Stop the Nuts". The double-entendre references in that ice cream crack me up to this date.

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