Wednesday, January 16, 2008

auf Wiedersehen, and Buon Giorno

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to give it one last try with my HK USP.45 Compact. I did. I tried the thing with pretty much every type of .45 ammo out there and I still couldn't hit sh1t with it. The compact nature of this gun made it too difficult to handle for me. The muzzle flip was insane and when practicing my double taps or Mozambiques the second shot was hardly ever even on the stupid paper. So goodbye to my first semi-auto pistol. I have nothing against this pistol. The fit and finish and overall quality of the gun are superb, and I never had a failure of any kind with it - I would ballpark that I must have had somewhere in the range of a thousand rounds downrange with it. Try as I might, I just could not get it to work for me. Someone else will no doubt enjoy this pistol.
So while trading it in, I couldn't leave the gun shop without looking at the new semi-autos out there. I held pretty much every single production 9mm in my hand. I decided on the europellet simply because I don't have much experience with it and want to try somthing new. Also I wanted less kick. Lastly, I wanted full sized to cushion the ride some more. So I held, pointed, dry fired, and held some more the current models from Ruger, CZ, Glock, HK, Smith and Wesson, Taurus, and I think a few more. The winner? A model that has been made for decades, the venerable Beretta 92FS.
Millions of these are out there all over the place in the hands of law enforcement and military personnel. This is a design that hasn't changed too much over the years. Preliminary inspection shows a very high quality fit and finish on this pistol. From what I have seen so far I would put it at the top of the heap along with my previously owned HK.
I liked the trigger on this gun a lot. It has a very long, light pull about three quarters of the way, with a heavier pull when you get to the business end of the trigger.
I really liked the night sights as well.
This gun fit the palm of my relatively large hands extremely well. I also like the fact that although Beretta is an Italian company this gun was made in the good 'ol USA.
I have been really busy the past few weeks so haven't been able to do much with it other than take these few photos. I am looking forward to getting to the range soon to put this thing through its paces.

I don't plan on using it as a CCW gun as it is too large and bulky. But then again, the HK was as well. I will get a holster for it though. It will be my doomsday gun, as my HK was. In other words, if we are under attack and I need to get to my family or friends, having it prominently on display on my hip may make someone think twice before they mess with me. And I could still carry it in winter under a heavy coat. But I would never do that because CCW is illegal in Wisconsin, right? Right.


Anonymous said...


I shot the 92FS during a 3-day pistol course at Blackwater over the summer and had a "blast". The thing is durable and accurate without a malfunction the entire time despite running 1500 rounds through it.

The only issue for me was the double-action / single-action trigger pull. The first shot is heavy on DA with the lighter follow-up shots in SA (I wouldn't suggest carrying this thing in SA mode since the safety also acts as a de-cock lever so there's no way to cary "cocked & locked"). I got used to it, but it put me at a disadvantage over the Glock guys during timed drills as they always have a standard trigger pull and no safetys to mess with.

I shot my first USPSA match in September with the Beretta and did pretty good but have since switched to a modern polymer 9mm for competition. We'll see how that goes, but the 92 is definitely a reliable workhorse and fun to shoot. Have fun!

Dan from Madison said...

Good comment. I noticed that double action first shot, but frankly I rather like that.

At the range it won't be an issue as the hammer is cocked after loading and racking the slide. I REALLY like it for carry as after you put the hammer down that first shot is truly double action, just like a revolver. To me that is a good built in safety. But in competition I can see how you may be at a disadvantage. I am looking forward to putting this thing through its paces soon.

Annie said...

I like it!
I also really love the comment about WI CCW, since I just this minute read stuff about that very subject at RFC! Wish you would have posted your last couple sentences there!

Carl from Chicago said...

that commenter was Elton in case it wasn't obvious... I sent him the link to your new toy

Dan from Madison said...

I figured as much.

Carl from Chicago said...

On Monday I celebrated MLK day off by putting 100 rounds through the exact same gun at the range. I did pretty well once Elton showed me a new grip.

Dan from Madison said...

Good for you - I still haven't had time to get mine out to the range and it is killing me.