Sunday, December 02, 2007

Teddy Greenstein Writes the Worst Article Ever

Carl has drawn to my attention an article in the Tribune today written by Teddy Greenstein in the Tribune called "BCS Better Than a Playoff". After reading it I am not sure if Mr. Greenstein is:

1) someone who really doesn't like and/or pay attention to college football
2) is being paid by the BCS to write this stuff
3) a combination of 1 and 2 above

Seriously the article linked above is so mind-numbingly insane that I had to actually read it several times to try to understand what Greenstein was saying. The only person I have encountered in my lifetime that supported the BCS was a person who worked FOR the BCS. So I assume, possibly that Mr. Greenstein is in the employ of the BCS.

His logic is that the regular season won't be as passionate in cfb if we start entertaining the possibility of a playoff system. Huh?

Obviously Mr. Greenstein has no concept of rivalry and the vast popularity of big time college football. He actually said that the Ohio State/Michigan game "would have been almost meaningless". Heh, try to get a ticket to that game Teddy, and let the market tell you how meaningless that game is. The demand will not change one iota for a ticket to that game with a playoff system.

There are also some things in the article that seem to be written by someone who not only doesn't like college football, but doesn't understand anything about the game at all. How about this line:

Let's make college football more like the NFL, which would rival rodeo in popularity if it weren't for gambling and fantasy football.

Huh? What is he talking about? The NFL has never been more popular and was also INSANELY popular before fantasy football. And is he saying that nobody gambles on college sports? I just don't understand.

How about this one:
We all love the NCAA basketball tournament. But you can't do it in football. A team can't play six games in 18 days.

Who the hell said we would EXACTLY mimic March Madness? Actually bringing up March Madness refutes his position. The NCAA basketball tournament is heavily watched, and is a huge money maker. Every game at every venue is virtually sold out instantly! And if you think that is mayhem, imagine...just imagine...the demand for tickets in a football playoff.

In a few other places Greenstein basically insults everyone who doesn't agree with him. Almost every single thing he writes in the article is wrong. It is really hard to believe that you could have that much bad luck.

But in the end, Greenstein is simply another journalist. Most journalists don't specialize in anything, rather are jacks of all trades, masters of none. As we have written here many times in the past, rare is the journalist who has any real life experience in the subject he is writing about. This article is proof that those journalists exist on the sports pages, not just the main news pages in your local paper.


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So true! Besides, I remember I tried to follow his supposed sources of information and I can say he kind of "touches" the information! Not trustful at all.