Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pat Forde vs. Dan from Madison

Readers of this blog know how hard I have been on Pat Forde this football season. I am starting to feel bad about it. Well, not really. Each word that I write to insult, belittle, or otherwise bash Pat Forde is time well spent. It makes me feel great. Every little bit of google juice with Pat Forde's name on it that I can drive to this blog gives me endless enjoyment. Because Pat Forde is a jerk.

Well, Pat has put out his bowl picks for the year. Lets see how he does up against me, who is participating in the bowl pool over at the footbal blog.

Now lets remember that I have a full time job, am a loving husband and father, and have other hobbies that take up a lot of my spare time. Pat Forde's JOB is to be a college football writer, so you would think he may have some insight on how these games will go down.

I will even pony up a sixer on this if Pat is willing to take me on. Here is the lowdown.

Poinsetta Bowl: Dan picks Navy, Pat picks Utah
New Orleans: Dan picks Memphis, Pat picks Florida Atlantic
Papa Johns: Both pick Cincy
New Mexico: Both pick Nevada
Las Vegas: Both pick BYU
Hawaii: Both pick Boise State
Motor City: Both pick Purdue
Holiday: Both pick ASU
Champs sports: Both pick BC
Texas: Dan picks Houston, Pat picks TCU
Emerald: Dan picks Maryland, Pat picks Oregon State
Meineke: Both pick Wake Forest
Liberty: Both pick Central Florida
Alamo: Both pick Penn State
Independence: Dan picks Alabama, Pat picks Colorado
Armed Forces: Both pick Air Force
Sun: Both pick South Florida
Humanitarian: Both pick Fresno State
Music City: Both pick Kentucky
Chick Fil'A: Both pick Auburn
Insight: Dan picks Oklahoma State, Pat picks Indiana
Outback: Both pick Tennessee
Cotton: Dan picks Arkansas, Pat picks Missouri
Gator: Both pick Texas Tech
Capital One: Both pick Florida
Rose: Dan picks Illinois, Pat picks USC (big surprise there)
Sugar: Both pick Georgia
Fiesta: Both pick Oklahoma
Orange: Both pick Virginia Tech
International: Both pick Rutgers
GMAC: Both pick Tulsa
Championship game: Both pick LSU

I will update this mini contest every few days here. Good luck Pat! NOT!!!


Jonathan said...

If Pat Forde did not exist would you have to invent him? Just wondering.

Carl from Chicago said...

We should put some $$ on the Illini. What is the line?

Dan from Madison said...

Jonathan - he invented himself, and that helps. Carl - line is USC-14.

Carl from Chicago said...

what do you think? Wanna put some $$ on the Illini?

Dan from Madison said...

i will put half a hundred on them and take the 14. Do you have a book? I really hate doing that stuff online.