Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Beautiful Christmas Pictures

Dan (who keeps the best watch on these types of things) is always amused at some of the terms people type into search engines that bring them to this blog. I was going through the logs and noted that "Beautiful Christmas Pictures" was bringing in a lot of traffic - it linked to an OLD post that I put up showing the Merchandise Mart in holiday colors out my window (aawww....)

Well in honor of this zombie traffic I put up some new pictures not from my window but from a friend who lives in the "Montgomery" - which is the old Montgomery Wards HQ that was turned into high-end condos that put mine to shame. These views are from the rooftop - the first shows the Merchandise Mart in holiday colors, the second river north with the Sears Tower in the background, and the third picture looks due West out towards the suburbs.


Dan from Madison said...

Good shots, but what is up with the focus on your camera? Your night shots would be spectacular if you were in focus. READ the manual and practice a bit and I bet you can dial it in.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha Elton was telling me the same thing. I wasn't prepared to be up on the roof and didn't have the tripod with me, just latched onto the opportunity. yes I need to get better