Thursday, December 20, 2007

Matt Dahl

On this blog the motto is "we shill for no one" and what we mean is that we don't take advertising that may influence our opinions. We DO shill for those that we find interesting, for one reason or another.

Matt Dahl is the son of Steve Dahl, a long-time Chicago "shock jock" dj who has slowed down over the last decade or so (got sober). Matt Dahl was on 105.9 FM WCKG, which was a talk station until they changed formats recently.

Matt is out of a job and, for now, is broadcasting daily at noon live but also on a podcast that you can download later. The show is 1 hr long and lacks advertising, which is a big plus.

I recommend that you go to itunes and set up his show as a podcast for your ipod. You will enjoy it and you can't beat the price of zero.

It is an interesting test of whether or not someone can set up a livelihood without going through traditional media. Check out his web site at I would link to him in wikipedia but apparently he isn't worth a wikipedia posting (note to some Matt Dahl fan - get out there and set it up!).


Gerry from Valpo said...

In the late 70's I worked in the same building as WLS radio. It was 360 N. Michigan on the southwest corner at Wacker.

I remember seeing Steve Dahl a lot before he made his mark with Disco Demolition and moved over to WLUP. Rode in the same elevator with him and Garry Meier or Larry Lujack or Paul Harvey (good day!) many times.

Other times I rode with celebrities who visited for interviews like Roger Daltry, Jimmy Page, and Pat Benatar (she was tiny, very hot and smelled great) among many others I cannot remember. It was always a surprise when the elevator door opened on the fourth floor.

Never listened to his kid but I will give him a try.

og said...

I heard Matt a few times, off and on, and he wasn't bad. I have had- erm- encounters with Steve, and I would not piss on him if he was on fire. I'll certainly forego the sins of the fathers and give Matt a listen.

Anonymous said...

MattyD is the schiz-nit...

I really enjoy your blog, guys.
I am also a "blogger" for Arden-Hanna's KnowGo.

You guys should check it out @


J.D Razo said...

I have tried to make him a wikipedia page, it just gets deleted