Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Ending

It is far too often that I hear stories about crazed gunmen shooting up innocent civilians. These stories make me extremely depressed and I always think...what if someone who is carrying, who had some training could have taken that lunatic out?

The other thing I always look for is what I call the "happy ending". That happy ending usually consists of either the cops shooting the murderer to death, or the murderer taking his own life. People like this, imho, don't deserve to live and bleed the system of tax dollars for long and expensive trials and incarcerations.

It was with great pleasure this morning that I read how the recent shootings at churches in Colorado ended. A woman, armed, shot the gunman dead in the middle of his massacre. For today, this woman deserves a photo on the front page of LITGM. Read about her here, here, and here. Without her, many, many more people would have died that day. Thank you Jeanne Assam.
This woman is a walking billboard for all of the gun control a-holes out there who want to disarm you, me, and any other potential hero. An armed society IS a safe society.


Dan from Madison said...

Huh, now that I look at the video it says that she identified herself, then took the guy down. More than I would have done.

Annie said...

What gripes the crap out of me is that the media is running a smear campaign. Since when the f* do autopsy reports get returned so soon anyway?
And the regular citizen doing the right thing in the right place at the right time... What does she get for her heroic effort?
An award?
A Reward?
A pat on the back and a hand shake?
A fricken "atta girl"??

No, she gets the entire box of talking heads doing their damnedest to discredit her at every turn.
It's just. Not. Right.

Dan from Madison said...

I expect nothing less out of the media.

Jonathan said...

The story is now out that she was fired by the Mpls PD for some minor infraction. I assume that publishing this information was part of the media attempt to smear this woman. She seems to be a very admirable person.

Jonathan said...

Oh yeah. Her treatment by the press reminds me of what happened to the guy who once put Clinton on the spot with a question about tax-raising at one of those "town hall meetings" before they learned to screen out conservatives. The press was all over the questioner for everything except the substance of his question. Within days he was the subject of one of those middle-of-the-front-page profiles in the WSJ that pointed out that (IIRC) he was estranged from his wife, had had business problems and been penalized for tax evasion or something similar. They did everything but run a headline saying: THIS GUY IS A LOSER. And this is the kind of treatment you can expect if you are an ordinary citizen and use a gun to save the lives of dozens of people.

If I ran that church I'd make sure that this lady gets taken care of for the rest of her life. And she probably will be.

Dan from Madison said...

They are now saying that the guy killed himself - sure he did. AFTER he was full of holes and laying on the ground bleeding out.

The treatment of this woman by the media is disgusting.

Jonathan said...

Right. He killed himself because she stopped him. He probably wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. But someone frustrated his plan, so he killed himself.

Maybe he preferred to retain control rather than allow himself to be captured and humiliated. Doesn't matter. What matters is that someone stopped him from carrying out his plan. By shooting him enough to stop him, Assam saved countless lives.