Friday, December 28, 2007

Handgun Evaluation

Funny how your attitudes about things change over time.

I haven't been to the range for months and I feel pretty bad about it. I need to go this weekend. I laid out all of my handguns for the first time in a while and surveyed the situation. Keeping for sure:

  • Ruger Mark 3 (target)
  • S/W Model 13 revolver, .357 (home defense)
  • S/W Model 17 revolver, .22LR (target)
  • Ruger Single Six, .22LR and .22 Magnum (target)

Of highest importance is trying to figure out if I still really want one of my guns. I used to enjoy shooting my HK USP45 compact very much, but the last few times I have brought it out it hasn't done much for me.

That short barrel and compact frame really create a lot of muzzle flip. I have tried several different types of ammo and the results are the same - I can't hit anything with it. So in the big picture, this gun is pretty much useless to me unless something doesn't give. I think I will give it one last "shot" with some MORE different types of ammo and then call it a day. Don't get me wrong, the quality is top notch on the pistol, but I just can't shoot the damned thing. I have put a decent amount of rounds through it (I am guessing 1,000 or so) and hope to get about half of what I paid for it originally ($700). But what to trade it in for?

I have had my eye on the new Ruger SR9.
I know it shoots the europellet, but what good does a .45 do me if I can't hit anything with it and don't have confidence? You can kill someone with a .22 if you HIT the person, unlike having, say, a .45 and missing. The SR9 has a very slim profile and looks good for carry, and I LOVE that new blackened stainless slide. Very nice. It holds 17 plus one in the pipe so capacity is no big deal. It may be a good solution to my carry issue. I haven't been carrying my .45 at all lately because I am just not confident in it. If I can get confident and proficient with something else, I will probably start carrying again.

Then there is this new toy.

OBVIOUSLY I need to purchase the Ruger Charger. Here is a cool video. Only $369.50 MSRP. It is a 10/22 action in a pistol format. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. I am pretty sure I will spend more on glass for this one than I pay for the gun itself. But why not? .22LR is my thing. I love shooting it, and target and plinking is my favorite thing to do in all of the gun sports. I have immensely enjoyed working my way up through the NRA Qualifications. This pistol won't help me too much in that, but I still MUST have it.

I think eventually I want a .45 again, but I would get a 1911 full frame with a longer barrel to soak up some of the recoil. Who knows maybe it will be another HK - but I have been leaning to Kimber. I will be sorry to see my current compact go, but no need to get too emotional over these things.


Annie said...

You're on the right track. If I had a "do-over", I'd have gone for the full size 1911 instead of Kimber's Ultra Carry II. When they get to a certain shortness of barrel, no conversion kit (and I mean NONE) will fit the frame. I've gone to Ciener, Marvel, and Kimber's own. No dice.
My advice is, "Get the full size 1911.
Get the conversion kit to .22 at the same time! Practice cheap, carry good."
That's my two cents anyway.
As far as "unloading a gun" (pun intended), I'm in the process of finding a good home for my Kahr PM9, as well. Nothing wrong with it, I just think I want another .45 that I CAN get a conversion kit for. But I won't be doing that until after I get a shotty anyway.
who's awaiting tax-time, Jack! ;)

Dan from Madison said...

Yep, the next .45 I get will be full sized, and will get the .22LR conversion kit at the same time. That is why I am leaning Kimber, they are pretty legendary for those kits.

Annie said...

Don't put all your eggs in Kimber's basket because of the name.
Do a search over at RFC. There have been a lot of comparisons done with all of the kits. You might find out that another will do the same job as well (or better) for less. Unless you're going for that [i]KIMBER[/i] scripted on the slide...

Annie said...

oooh...slammin' WRONG HTML tag!
Sooo sorry :p

Dan from Madison said...

Yea, for sure will look at them all.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Nice irons, Hoss.