Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drop Dead Pat Forde, Postseason Edition

Now that bowl season has begun, lets all remember what Pat Forde said way back on September 11, 2007:
Syracuse-Illinois (14): The two worst coaching hires of 2004 square off. Greg Robinson (5-20 at Syracuse) and Ron Zook (5-20 at Illinois) compete for the right to give their fans false hope that they're turning things around.

Jerk. That awful coach took Illinois all the way to the Rose Bowl this year, and is stealing recruits as I write this from the elite teams of college football. Florida and Nebraska just felt the sting of the Zooker, as will many others before recruiting season is over. Perhaps we will lose in the Rose Bowl, but it will be so sweet to see the Orange and Blue play on New Years Day. All I have to say is the Big Ten better look out for us in the next few years.

Just to show that Pat Forde has sour grapes, look at this quote from today:
Fifteen of this year's 64 bowl teams didn't make the postseason in 2006. One of them, Illinois (1), jumped all the way from 2-10 to the Rose Bowl. Deservedly or not. (Bold and italic mine)

Oh thanks Pat, you fucker. No congrats, just a "deservedly or not". Sour grapes indeed. Hey Pat, go stuff your snout up Pete Carroll's or Nick Saban's butt a little further.


Gerry from Valpo said...

I am not very familiar wit Pat Forde. Is he comparable to Jay Mariotti who writes for the Chicago Sun-Times?

Mariotti is an a**hole who always takes the caustic, negative angle to each story he writes. He plays the race card whenever possible.

As a writer/journalist he is second-tier at best IMHO. He can't hold Rick Tellander's pen cap. It is my belief that Mariotti has a job at the Sun-Times only because he gets a ton of negative response which translates to readership ratings.

Just sayin'

Carl from Chicago said...

Man do I hate Pat Forde. He is like that crap-stain that said the Big Ten screwed themselves by letting the crew work the OSU / Illini game.

I guess you can thrive in the business by saying stupid things over and over. No one is held to account.

Dan from Madison said...

Tellender is one of the finest sports journalists I have ever had the opportunity to read. Mariotti is a hack like Forde. These guys must butt suck their way to the top because they clearly don't know anything about the subject matter they write about, like most journalists.

Yes, Carl, I will forever cringe on that aritcle you mentioned. Hope LSU runs it up on the Buckeyes.