Thursday, December 06, 2007

Back on Og 4

Last night I went back, as I occasionally do, to good 'ol Og 4 (fourth floor, Oglesby dorm at U of I). Oglesby is the dorm on the right, and Trelease is on the left. The guys were on Og, and the girls were in Trelease. I don't know if the girls and guys are still separated like this today.
Oglesby and Trelease were the "twin towers" of Florida Avenue Residence Halls, called FAR for short. It was (and still is) pretty far from anything of value on campus.

While sleeping, I go back to Og 4 on a frequent basis, for whatever reason. I graduated 17+ years ago. I have no idea why I keep going back.

Last night's trip was more interesting than most. For some reason I lived on the fifth floor, not the fourth. Did I live on the fourth in college? I honestly am not sure. Carl can tell me when he gets back from vacation.

Anyway, it was after class and I was trying to make it to my room but I couldn't find it. I went up one floor, and down one and looked everywhere inbetween, but no dorm room. I couldn't find any of my floormates or their rooms either. The place is only "so big" I kept telling myself. I walked all around floors 3, 4, and 5 and nothing. What was my room number? Can't recall. Dammit, where is my fucking room? I heard "Back in Black" on someone's stereo. I smelled pot. I was definitely in the right place, but no damned room.

The elevator had rich red paneling like a fancy hotel elevator. On one floor was a beautiful sports bar, with lots of flat panel TV's all running games in HD. It was smoky in there. One side of the sports bar had open windows to Miller Park (where the Brewers play), in left field. There was a game going on. I was interested, but really wanted to find my dorm room that I had misplaced.

Then my 3 year old came into the room and woke myself and the wife up. Ugh. Another wonderful night of no sleep.


johnnyj said...

Interesting, dan..."You can take the boy out of college but you can't take the college out of the boy!"

Ah, the good ol'days of college are fun to reflect on but I can't say that I've had any "dreams" about it recently.

I think the "Chief" is trying to channel you because the Illini are in the Rose Bowl.

Dan from Madison said...

I have college dreams all the time. Have no clue why. I had a good time and all, but it really is strange.

Carl from Chicago said...

I think it was OG 4 but to be honest I lost most of my memories of that era.

After reading this post I had a college dream but it wasn't about the dorm it was about showing up for a test that I hadn't studied for. Those are my bad dreams...