Friday, November 23, 2007

Oklahoma, Part Three

Part one is here, part two is here. Click any photo for larger.

I was starting to get concerned after hoofing it for a long way that I wasn't on the right path to get to my ultimate goal which was the Oklahoma football stadium. This building and surroundings look very college like, but I still wasn't sure I was going the right way.
But then the debris field, sadly, began expanding. When I started to see an ever increasing amount of garbage on the ground, especially the beer cans, I knew I was on the correct path to the stadium. I knew that just two days ago there had been a game there (against Texas A and M). My sense was correct, as you will see in the next few parts of this series.
This shot is on campus, and I was there during a full in session school day. The fringes of the OU campus were not remarkable in any way.
But the central campus itself was absolutely stunning.
There were beautiful flowers everywhere on their "quad", or what I would call a quad. I kept walking and walking and the place just sparkled. No garbage, beautiful trees and flowers everywhere. Quite a different place than the U of I, which was basically a concrete slab. Many more photos and much more to come on the OU campus.

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