Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oklahoma, Part Five

Here are parts one, two, three, and four. Click any photo for larger.

As I strolled around the beautiful OU campus, I came upon this Time Capsule. I absolutely love these things. Unfortunately most of the ones that are opened have the contents destroyed, rotted or otherwise mangled. Still, I think they are fun. I had no idea what was in this one.

What a great place to study. You can see the football stadium in the background.
Everything on the campus looked so new, like the day they built it. No grime on the buildings, no garbage, everything spotless. This building I assume was built a long time ago, but looks like it was just put up yesterday.
Here is another example - with more of the flowers I was talking about in an earlier part.
Speaking of flowers...
Gawd I wish U of I looked like this.

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Carl from Chicago said...

The flowers are nice in that photo. Champaign has cleaned up a bit, starting with tearing down that vile BK :)