Thursday, November 08, 2007

Now I don’t want to go off on a rant here but…

...what’s with watching an NFL Football game on Sunday Night anyway?

NBC now has the rights to televise NFL football on Sunday night. NBC walked away from an NFL broadcast contract years ago due to financial belt-tightening and happened? It gave FOX Sports a chance to sneak in, steal the NFC broadcast rights and build a huge national network sports presence around it as a result. Talk about finding a diamond in the trashcan! Roone Arledge has to be smiling.

FOX since has by far delivered the best televised NFL product in history IMHO. CBS? No contest. In the meantime NBC managed to squeeze in an NFL Johnny-come-lately contract a few years back and bought the services of Al Michaels and John Madden who are touted as the #1 NFL broadcast team on the planet. The problem is that NBC has the rights to only one Sunday Night NFL Football game. So call someone who cares.

NBC has FOX style flashy graphics, a pre game show and on-camera sideline bimbos too. They have all the high technology features and the finest special effects money can buy. NBC also has their own proprietary obnoxious “bumper music” and video game style sound effects that they overuse just like CBS, FOX and ESPN. To their credit NBC has designed what I consider the finest rich-media website to support their effort that I have ever seen. As if it matters. Check it out at:

So what’s not to like? I’ll tell you what. Sunday Night NFL Football is overkill. After squeezing in a Saturday college game or two, a Sunday afternoon NFL game or two between raking leaves, winterizing the boat, hunting birds, changing oil in the Harley, winterizing the John Deere, starting the snow blower to make sure the damn thing works and making the obligatory face time for the old lady and kid, watching a complete game on a Sunday night is way too much to ask of this old school 50 something greybeard football fan. I have not been able watch a complete SNF NFL game yet. And when Da’ Bearss are on Sunday night I come up way short, passing out fat and sassy on the well-worn leather sofa well before halftime.

This week the local Chicago sports media yahoos had their Nononsense control-top pantyhose in a bunch. Seems that the local sports media yocals are angry that NBC had the nerve to switch out a pre scheduled Chicago v. Seattle Sunday night prime time telecast for an east coast match up between New England and Buffalo. Considering that Tom Brady is red hot and Belechik makes for good broadcast booth punditry compared to the Bears who just suck and Lovie who is a media snore and can't coach his way out of a Gatorade bucket, this was a no-brainer.

What makes all this so juicy is that the Bears fired head coach Dick Juron, who now leads a 4-4 Buffalo team that is loaded with no-name underachievers and replaced him with the unlovable Lovester. Could this SNF game be an upset in the making? That’s the NBC bet.

To their credit, NBC signed a contract with the NFL that allowed them to switch out scheduled night games for other more interesting late season afternoon games in order to broadcast more relevant and attractive games nationally. Now the local Chicago media circus midgets are in a snit. Oh, the humanity!

So what if NBC wants to broadcast exciting match-ups? I can’t say that it’s a bad business move for them considering that the Bears season is now like an overfilled dumpster being gnawed on by rats in an alley near Englewood and the Seahawks are fast becoming tasty Orca food in Puget Sound.

The Chicago news media tries to manufacture a provincial posture in every way possible. I call it the “Second City Syndrome”. They always seem to conjure up a “Chicago Connection” to every national or international news story. Just how sad is that?

According the local media, Chicago sports is always being overlooked by New York network executives in favor of east coast interests especially when it comes to sports. Can I say DUH? Would someone please hit these Chicago sports “experts” upside their thick, empty skulls with a vintage 42 oz. Dick Allen model Hillerich & Bradsby clue bat?

There doesn’t seem to be enough Depends® in the world to soak up Jay Mariotti’s urinary by-product Sun-Times spews while he reports on so-called small bergs like Boston that is quickly becoming the new national “Titletown” with three totally hot championship caliber major professional sports franchises for the new millennium.

Me? I am thrilled that NBC swapped out the NFL games this coming Sunday. I can easily fit in a 3pm FOX broadcast Bear game between brewing a batch of quality homebrew, taking my boat in for winter service and grilling up some fine Cajun style animal flesh for dinner. And then flopping on the couch to count sheepish field goals.

I am sure Dan and Carl would rather start a tailgate at 11am than 3pm. It’s got to be a long, lonely three hour drive to Madison for Dan after an 11pm Bear game finish in Chicago. And I would rather cry on my pillow than wake up on Monday to more bad Bear news.

Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

(My apologies to Dennis Miller)

BTW, Watching Frank Caliendo on FOX for two minutes imitating Madden during a pre game show beats watching four hours of the real John Madden anyday. BOOM!


Annie said...

Frank as "Madden" has been cracking us up FOREVER!! I can't believe there are some people who just don't get it!

gerry from valpo said...

I heard Frank on a local radio talk show. He claimed that Madden was furious about the impersonation.

Annie said...

You're kidding!
I thought imitation was the sincerest form of flattery?