Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Most Offensive Article, Ever

This article titled "Big Ten May Have Made a Very Costly Mistake" by Tom Dienhart of the Sporting News is possibly the most offensive article I have ever seen.

The "gist" of the article is that the same crew that officiated the Illini / OSU game was ultimately suspended for their calls in a (meaningless) Purdue / Penn State Game, and that the fact that this crew was allowed to call the Illini / OSU game meant that, as the title says, the Big Ten may have made a costly mistake, per the IDIOTIC writer.

Why did they make a mistake?

Apparently the win for the Illini was somehow tied to blown calls that would have favored OSU.


The Illini dominate OSU from start to finish... if anything this crew was FAVORABLE to OSU over the Illini. It isn't relevant to me that the dolts and losers that make up the OSU "nation" are upset by the outcome of the game... THEY SHOULD BE. Their #1 team had their rear end handed to them by an unranked opponent, thoroughly dominated from start to finish. They should direct their comments at their coach, and their team, but not the referees, please.

The final, most noxious, element of the article is the thought that:

"Now, the Big Ten will have to be satisfied with getting just one BCS team. The winner of this weekend's Ohio State at Michigan game will go to the Rose Bowl."

Here's a thought, Dienhart - if the Big Ten wants to make money, they will create a network league that extorts money from their own constituents (wait, they already did that).

There is no "Big Ten" that arbitrarily trolls for cash... as Illini fans, we don't care if Ann Arbor or OSU stadiums burn to the ground... we watched with relish as Florida demolished OSU last year.


and the thought that the Illini victory:

1) was caused by the refs
2) was damaging to the Big Ten

Is complete crap.



Dan from Madison said...

That article is astounding. Let me get it straight - so we are supposed to let the other teams win so the Big Ten can have two BCS teams? Unbelievable.

Glad I declared last year that I have absolutely no conference loyalty when it comes to bowls. All Big Ten fans should come to that realization.

Dan from Madison said...

To boot, if we had any sort of pass defense, that OSU game would have been a total ROUT.

Also, as if the Buckeyes did the Big Ten any favors by getting stone cold destroyed by the SEC champion last year. Unbelievable.

Dan from Madison said...

This gives us another reason to root for Michigan this weekend. If they beat OSU, we would be tied with them for second (assuming we beat Northwestern) and since we beat OSU we would be declared the outright second place finisher in the Big Ten. Awesome. Go Blue!

Carl from Chicago said...

This morning when I got up I was going to look at this post and see if I was too harsh and if I needed to edit it again but I read that article again and got even more pissed off, so I left it exactly the way I wrote it. Dan's 3 comments this early in the morning also told me that I was on the right track...