Saturday, November 17, 2007

Minneapolis, Part Three - The Game

Part one is here, part two is here. Click any photo for larger.

One nice thing about the Metrodome, where Carl and I went to see Minnesota and Illinois play, is the fact that you can buy beer since it isn't on an NCAA campus. Even better, they have decent beer, as you can see. Well, Leinies is better than most of the mass produced beers.
We sat next to this nice old lady who showed her evil side as the game progressed. She, like us, has been waiting a long time for the Illini to be good and started cheering for us to hit 50 points in what ended up to be a rout.
Toward the end of the game the Metrodome really cleared out and Carl made his way up the stands to take this shot of me just after the Illini scored yet another TD. The annouced attendance was 45k, but I think at the beginning of the game there were about 30k there, and by the end the place was deserted.
This was sad and reminded me of what the Illinois program has been going through for the past six years. That corner is where the students were at the beginning of the game. The final was Illinois 44, Minnesota 17. By then not only had most of the fans left, but the students did too and left the team to salute the only Minnesota fans left in the building, the band. I will give huge props to that band though - they were brilliant and very entertaining.
After the game and the long weekend we adjourned to the hotel bar for just one more celebratory beer and I ran across the mascot of the Gopers, Goldie. You can tell what I think of him.

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Carl from Chicago said...

I like the photo of you and Goldie. Glad we got out of that bar without a fight.

I still can't believe that their motto is 'fear the gopher'...

Yes their program is down in the dumps but no one was crying on behalf of the Illini while we suffered. Unfortunately someone always has to lose so that we can win. If only we had stuck it to Iowa...