Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get Away

Advanced Muay Thai classes are a whole new ballgame. I have to admit I am enjoying learning all the new things. We talk about spacing, distance and fighting theories much more than in the beginner classes. As a matter of fact, the workouts are not half as intense as they are in the beginners - I have been supplementing my MT classes with more workouts at home.
Last night we worked more on "destructive strikes", featuring mostly elbows. Elbows are amazing and scary. I actually made contact with a guys head with my elbow last night by accident - he was in the wrong place, and admitted it. But even lightly thrown he told me that it hurt like hell. We will work on knees Thursday. We also did a lot of clench work last night - that, admittedly, is exhausting. Don't believe me? Look me up sometime and I will hang on the back of your neck for a while and you can let me know about that.

One of the most important things we went over (again) last night, was how everyone needs to handle themselves in public. My instructors talk about this subject a lot. Basically they compared us to loaded guns, that used improperly can cause plenty of damage, and/or needless sorrow. It is often stressed that we are to do as we always have done, even before we picked up Muay Thai and avoid potentially dangerous situations, such as fights. Think about it. The people in my advanced classes can most likely kick the living crap out of 99.99% of the population. We are all in shape, strong, and have very good fundamental skills in upright grappling, striking, and defense. We are all pretty proud of what we have done and very confident wherever we go, knowing that we have the "toolbox" on board.

This training of "getting away" from dangerous situations came full circle for me a few weeks ago. Carl and I were sitting in a bar in Minneapolis and a completely intoxicated fellow came from across the bar and began making trouble with us. I knew in the back of my head that if he took a swing at me that I was going to tap a tune on his cranium and he would have more than likely spent a night at a hospital. But I remained very calm, talked him down a bit, and he went away. I said to Carl to grab his coat right after this - we needed to leave immediately. The drunken asshole and his friends yelled at us on our way out (sticks and stones and all that) but we just went on our way, leaving them to their lives of "bankruptcy verification" (inside joke).

I guess this is a long winded way to show anyone who is interested that finding a good gym, if you plan on picking up any sort of martial art, should be the most important decision. I can't say enough about the level of training I receive and am proud to be part of it. The gym moves to a bigger place around Christmas and I will volunteer helping move it when it happens. I bet we will have an army of volunteers as everyone seems to be pretty good friends.

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