Friday, November 16, 2007

Documenting Failure

From time to time I follow our blog links back to the original source, or the query that led them here. Here's one...

One of my favorite posts was called "Instant Conversation Starters" which said that the easiest way to start a conversation in Iowa was to ask whether or not Ronnie Harmon threw the Rose Bowl... which led to the wikipedia site about Ronnie Harmon (which actually mentions the fact that he was known for the rumor that he threw the game).

As you could imagine, the wikipedia site for Ronnie Harmon is pretty sparse, since his NFL career was undistinguished. While I was at it, for some sick reason, I typed in "Cade McNown" and came up with another horrendous wikipedia entry - the entry talks about what a bust he was as a draft pick and the fact that they dumped Kramer (their last good QB until Grossman had the 1/2 good season of his career) and then goes through the other, terrible QB's that he battled against in a race to the bottom.

Want to be depressed? Try these - Curtis Enis, Rashaan Salaam, and Chad Hutchinson, who briefly was a FOURTH string QB (most teams only keep three, but he was so bad that they had to go "one deeper" to fully document his pathetic-ness).

I don't know who takes the time to create these posts... maybe a demented Packer fan or something. They are so depressing. Maybe go out there and update the post with a message of rage, or we could be like a famous TV host that I can't mention and put our own reality on these posts, maybe imagining that our first round running back draft picks weren't so terrible.

I am not even going to look up Cedric Benson on wikipedia but I assume someday it will be just as terrible.

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