Wednesday, November 14, 2007



LAKE FOREST, Ill. – Lovie Smith made it official Wednesday, announcing after practice that Rex Grossman will start at quarterback Sunday when the Bears visit the Seattle Seahawks.

Replacing an injured Brian Griese just before halftime last Sunday in Oakland, Grossman tossed a 59-yard touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian to give the Bears a 10-6 lead with 3:11 left in the game en route to a 17-6 victory over the Raiders. “I like the way he finished the game last week,” Smith said. “I like the way he came in. He gave us a boost. We do everything based on what gives us the best opportunity to win this week and that’s what we’re doing.

“I’m excited about what he can possibly bring, giving our offense a boost. The passing game needs to improve. I realize our running game does, too, and hopefully we can get all those other things going this week against a good Seattle team.”

Griese sprained his left shoulder when he was driven into the ground while being sacked by Raiders middle linebacker Kirk Morrison. The 10-year veteran was held out of Wednesday’s practice with the injury.

Griese told reporters that his shoulder is feeling better and he hopes to test it in practice Thursday. If he’s unable to play Sunday, Kyle Orton would serve as the No. 2 quarterback.

So if Rex goes down with a pulled groin does that mean Orton comes in? Is that all it takes? I can only hope Rex visits Blackjack'a Gentleman's Club this week as a special gueat of Steve Mc Michael.

Last week Rex came in late and tossed a lucky pass to Berrian for a TD against a defense second to…our own. Rex was in the game but not long enough to drop the rock on our side of the 50. Again.

I just watched a sickening press conference from Halas Hall on Chicago TV where a giddy Rex gleefully proclaimed he was approaching Sunday’s game against Seattle as a “recess”. So nothing has changed. Nothing is on the line. No playoffs, no championship, no Super Bowl.

It’s just a "recess” pickup game to Rex?. Nothing has changed.

As an elite NFL QB Rex has been weighed, Rex has been measured and Rex has been found wanting.

Lovie Smith has been accused of impersonating a real NFL coach by me. Now he is guilty as charged.

So week to week it will be at least until the final game against New Orleans (game 16) and the last of the year for both. Rex will then be a free agent. Maybe Al Davis can sign Rex to a multi-year multi-million dollar deal. Al always liked castoffs and losers. Al has deep pockets too. i can only hope.

Seattle by 3.

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Dan from Madison said...

Sorry, Seattle by 10.