Friday, October 19, 2007


Kind of a Friday tunage/MT post here.

It is truly an exciting time to be at my gym. Enrollment is soaring. The instructor has actually put together his own curriculum. We have a new space coming next year.

Last night in the advanced class we were putting together some of the new drills that I will be doing in the next phase of my journey, an 18 month piece that will earn me my yellow, green and blue sashes. It is going to be insane.

We were all sort of guinea pigs. The instructor had put together some drills and wanted to see how they flowed. The drills were all 20 count. In other words there are 20 kicks or strikes in each drill that you have to remember - and the holder of the pads has to remember. It was exhausting but very cool to be a part of something new. I couldn't be at that gym at a better time.

The music was starting to wear on me though. We had heard the same tunes over and over again. They are what I call hip hop Thai music. Basically they are Thai music with a house beat put on top of it. They aren't bad, but we have all heard these tunes a thousand times. When the instructor isn't there someone usually brings in a cd from their car. Well last night I conspired with the assistant instructor to insert Helmet, Meantime into the cd player. Imagine the instructors surprise when he fired that up. Everyone went nuts and I got lots of pats on the back. It was honestly one of the best classes ever as practicing Muay Thai to that disc is quite an experience.

I think my favorite thing we practiced yesterday was a spinning back elbow. Sweet Jesus I pray I hope I don't ever get caught with one of those.


Carl from Chicago said...

That is a great video. I need to find unsung out there, too.

Good luck with the next level

Dan from Madison said...

I can't remember - did we ever see them live back in the day? From that video you would think that would be something that I would remember, but knowing the quantity of booze I used to drink...