Sunday, October 21, 2007

Griese’s Kid’s Stuff

Hey Donovan. I got your Mama's Chunky Noodle right here!

When I was a young pup in the late 60's Bob Griese played QB for Purdue. The hot older girl next door dated him (according to her parents). He was outstanding in college and was even better playing for Shula and the Dolphins. Bob Griese won Super Bowls. When you have the o-line that Bob did and a speeding dump truck loaded with gravel named Csonka in the backfield to keep opponents honest it was easy for Griese and the Dolphins to go undefeated in 1972. It was the year after I was paroled from high school. The 72 Dolphins are still considered to be one of the NFL’s great teams of all time.

The media just loved the 70’s Dolphins. As I remember Howard Cosell wet his pants each time he covered Dolphin games on Monday Night Football. I swear I saw him dry hump Don Shula during an interview so hard Howard's hairpiece became loose. It made me sick.

Not many NFL players can claim offspring that went on to be better than average pro players. Once I met Hall Of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow after he spoke at a benefit dinner for the local high school. He was studying law at the John Marshall Law School after his football career was over and a local JMLS student talked him into speaking to our group. Winslow was awesome, a true gentleman and a class act. Inspiring. Too bad his kid did not inherit the good DNA.

His son, Kellen Winslow ll, had a stellar career as a tight end (just like dad) with the University of Miami. I believe he played on the same Miami team with Jarett Payton, son of another NFL legend. KW ll was drafted 6th in the first round by the Cleveland Browns. Neither KW ll nor Jarret Payton went on to even flirt with NFL greatness. It didn’t help when Kellen ll wrecked his rice-burner. No mention or photos of it on his myspace blog at:

And then there is the Manning family. Archie played for the New Orleans Saints. He was considered a great QB in his day but the team sucked. I don’t believe the Saints had one winning season but the media just loved Archie. Because of that alone Archie was and still is considered an elite player. His son Peyton has become a great NFL QB winning last year’s Super Bowl with the Colts. The kid did good. I can’t think of another father/son combo who accomplished great things as pro players. Payton Manning has the ability, the media-friendly personality and is in a position to become one of the all-time NFL greats.

Today Brian Griese (son of Bob) was able to lead my Chicago Bears in a last minute upset over Donavan McNabb…and the Eagles. The kid (hey, I am 54 so everyone is a kid) played an outstanding game. He has been given a rare chance to prove himself with his third NFL team. He seems up to the challenge.

Brian Griese managed the game, did not come unglued with interceptions or drop the rock ala Rex (Brian fumbled once but recovered it). He came up with the big plays when it counted and seems to thrive on pressure. I really liked what I saw.

The great Rexperiment is finally over. We can move on.

Will Brian become an NFL great? Who knows. But he has been given another fabulous opportunity (unexpected Michigan Rose Bowl Winner) and I believe he will take advantage of it. I am pulling for him. Bigtime.

To paraphrase Frank...

The best is yet to come, and babe won't that be fine
You think you've seen the son, but you aint seen him shine.

The post season is a possibility again. Go Bearss....


Blogger finally allowed me to upload images tonight. So here are some shots of those delicious smoked brats from last weekend...


Dan from Madison said...

That was an awesome drive in the end, I will admit. Griese will always be a journeyman QB in the NFL, not a star. He is good enought to start for us though.

If we beat Detroit next week we have a real playoff shot.

bobgriese1 said...

Bob Griese was my childhood hero, and it has been enjoyable for me to be able to follow his son's career. It seems to me that he is not really getting a fair shot in the NFL, though. He is capable of completing 70% of his passes, as he did in 2005, and of course he had an outstanding year in 2000-- 19 TD's and 4 Ints, but too many people say he doesn't have an NFL arm. His arm seems adequate to me, adequate enough to complete 70 percent. He's certainly better than Rex. Brian was doing well this season, got benched, then was rusty when called upon, and permanently lost his job. Lovie deserves what he gets with that kind of management. I think Brian deserves a fair shot with an NFL team to start.