Monday, October 01, 2007

Drop Dead Pat Forde, Part Three

Well, well, well. Today in this article on what do I see Pat Forde saying?
Just that fast, Illinois is 4-1 and tied for first in the Big Ten at 2-0. That's the same Illinois that went 2-10 last year, with only one victory over I-A competition.

Let me refresh what he said in this column just a few weeks ago about the Illinois football program.
Syracuse-Illinois (14): The two worst coaching hires of 2004 square off. Greg Robinson (5-20 at Syracuse) and Ron Zook (5-20 at Illinois) compete for the right to give their fans false hope that they're turning things around.

I am not sure Mr. Forde actually remembers what he said a few weeks ago. Or he does and doesn't really care. Either way he will never be held accountable, except by me.

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