Sunday, September 16, 2007

Turtle n' the Bears

Dan, Gerry and Gerry's brother went to the Bear's opener vs. the Chiefs on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and Gerry made an amazing spread of food including homemade tortilla chips, great salsa, ceviche, and pheasant. His brother brought some great smoked salmon and then it was all capped off with Gerry's famous chicken wings. I am 100% certain that the food at our tailgate was the best spread in the entire south lot, and that is saying something considering that there are thousands of cars parked there and tailgating.

One thing that is unfortunate about night games (or any games starting later than noon) is that the crowd gets drunker and drunker. We had a bunch of especially smashed women behind us from Bloomington Illinois; the one standing up spilled her beer on Dan no less than 3 times. Her nickname that her own friends gave her was "Turtle" because that is what she'd shout when she needed to visit the facilities. She spilled the entire contents of her purse and they were spread about the nearby rows.

Whenever the music played she got up and started taking clothes off; I have seen a lot of drunken things at Bears games (including a lap dance at a tailgate) but this was definitely new. This became a significant component of total entertainment because all the guys nearby kept shouting and encouraging her on; trust me she didn't need much encouragement. In the top photo she is barely conscious and smoking a cigarette; whomever let her scalp their season tickets got lucky because Soldier Field is taking those smoking violations pretty seriously; the first time you get a warning and the second time they take your season tickets away from you. In the bottom photo she is about ready to start showing some skin because the music is playing; I was just hoping that she wouldn't throw up right on my back.

Oh and by the way there was a football game; Hester was just amazing with his return for a TD and another one that led to a FG; without Hester we might have lost the game. It is sad that we barely beat the Chiefs; we will need to pick it up a lot to win the division, especially against the newly resurgent Packers.


Annie said...

What. A. Loser.

gerry from valpo said...

some guys have all the luck....

Dan from Madison said...

New record for the number of beer showers in one game for me.