Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Train Rex

Well, it finally happened. Lovie Smith, the head coach of the Chicago Bears, finally has had enough and sat Rex on the bench.

This in and of itself isn't too much of a surprise.

On a related note, this post about Bears Quarterbacks (and what a trail of tears it is) is one of the most highly viewed this blog has ever created in its almost three years of existence. It is a list of all of the Bears quarterbacks since Brett Favre started his ironman streak in 1992. Hardly a day goes by where that post doesn't get at least ten or more hits. Lately it has gotten quite a few more. Why? This is why - look at response number three.

I have decided to update the old post and keep it going.

ADDED: Snap! I missed one! Jeff Blake played a few games for us several years ago. I will update the original post.


Anonymous said...

You youngsters think you've suffered with the Bears! Just a few of random names from my Bears memories:

Larry Rakestraw
Jack Concannon
Bobby Douglass

I remember one game agaist the Eagles in about 1969. Concannon is under center and pulls his hands out to try and call time out. Before he can get it, the center snaps the ball off his thigh. Ball goes 20 feet in the air and is intercepted by the Eagles. They run it in for a touchdown

Aahh memories!

That might have been the same game where George Seals had three straight holding calls to give the Bears a 1st and 63. (They ended up fourth and 74, IIRC)


Dan from Madison said...

First and 63? Really?

I remember my parents "fondly" recalling Bobby Douglass. And who can forget the QB of my childhood Bob Avellini? Mike Phelps too.

Hell, I should create the master list - think I will.

Dan from Madison said...

I meant Phipps.