Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What A Rotten Weekend

Steady rain, wind and a 60 degree chill for a mid-August weekend. Good sleeping weather but boring as hell. What to do?

Can’t ride the motorcycle. Can’t go fishing. Can’t work in the yard. Can’t grill or BBQ. No football to watch. Fortunately for me a grocery flier in Friday’s paper advertised King Crab legs usually going for $14/lb on sale for $5.99/lb. Done!

I love seafood. Clams, mussels, shrimp, lobster, crab, fish, squid and even grilled octopus at the Greek places downtown are delicious to me. Anything but raw oysters (which I like to call one-eyed hockers) and sushi. I consider most seafood not only edible but tasty as can be as long as it is cooked.

To me, crab legs are better than lobster. Sweet, steamed crab legs big as a Louisville Slugger. For years I only ate crab prepared at restaurants. Cooking them was a mystery and somewhat intimidating to me. But a while back I gave it a try. Now they are a homemade treat when the price gets this low.

Grilling them was my one mistake. You need moist heat to gently steam them and to keep them from drying out.

Here’s how.

Crab legs (I make 5lbs because the leftover is good for many purposes including fried crab cakes)
A large pot (Mine is a huge All-Clad® pasta steamer with an insert that keeps the crab out of the water)
Old Bay crab spice.
Cider Vinegar
Shrimp dip.

I usually allow the crab legs to defrost. Place them in a large bowl to allow air to get at them.

Quite simply just follow the directions off the back of a can of Old Bay. In the pot I add 2 cups water and 2 cups cider vinegar. Toss in 4-5 tablespoons of Old Bay and 4-5 tablespoons of salt.

Layer crab legs and claws and sprinkle more Old Bay on them.

Once the liquid is boiling place the insert with crab legs into the pot and cover.

Steam for about five minutes or so.

For the sauce. Take one bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce and add 3 T Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and horseradish to taste.

Fresh corn-on-the-cob and baked potatoes make it great.

We use kitchen shears to slice the shell off. Dip. Enjoy!

Later today I am making fresh salsa from scratch and for dinner tonight a homemade pizza. Look for these recipes later on.


Dan from Madison said...

DAMN you are taking my title of blog recipe king. I have to get to work.

Crabby said...

Yeegads, man! A girl from the midwest who calls herself Crabby comes to visit for the first time and you're cookin' crab legs.

I'm from Ohio and weather here sounds the same as yours.

gerry from valpo said...

Not trying to take the food title Dan.

It's just that with all the business I have right now (making hay while the sun shines) and the rotten weather, food and drink is all I have to enjoy myself with and write about.

Hi Crabby! How's your legs?