Wednesday, August 29, 2007

That's Sad

Dan has a service hooked up to our blog called "Site Meter". This service (free like everything else in blogger world) tracks visitors and referrals to our site. Periodically I look through it to see if we are getting a lot of traffic from someone or a type of post (Dan's gun posts, QB posts, haircut posts, and my CCCP posts all get a lot of hits).

One other element is that you can see what "domain" someone is coming from. I saw "" on the site which was interesting so I clicked to see why these investment bankers would come to our little site. I noticed that the query that brought the banker here was "Illinois Power Agency" in Google - I went to the Google search bar, typed it in, and noticed that OUR BLOG IS AT THE TOP OF THE RESULT QUEUE!

Now that's sad. While I know a bit about energy and have some interest in the field you'd think that something else would come up higher, LIKE THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE ILLINOIS POWER AGENCY! But no, I can't seem to find that anywhere on the web, and official mentions of the agency are scarce. I can find the state bill that authorized the agency, a couple of Chicago Tribune articles, and that's about it.

I guess I better get on the stick and start blogging about them!


Dan from Madison said...

Google is strange. Sometimes we are on the top of the heap, sometimes not. I just googled Big Ten Network. I don't think anybody has blogged or analyzed that thing as deeply as me, but the posts are nowhere to be found.

On the other hand, THOUSANDS of people have blogged about guns and the Bears Quarterbacks yet our stuff ends up somewhere near the top in those categories.

Jonathan said...

High-quality links in one topic area may raise your Google rank in other areas.

Dan from Madison said...

You are right, but on some things we really don't want to raise our Google profile too much or you get trolls - as you well know.