Monday, August 06, 2007

The Most Important Band in the World

Well... I hope that title doesn't draw trolls or the wrong crowd because it is certainly tongue-in-cheek. The band I am talking about is called ELECTRIC SIX and Dan and I are both big fans of this band (here is a good wikipedia entry, too).

Their singer is named Dick Valentine and, to put it mildly, some times he acts a bit retarded. He tends to wave at one side of the crowd and then the other. He also does some improper dancing from time to time.

Electric Six played at 3:30 on Friday at Lollapalooza and I think that was the earliest that they had ever awakened in their entire life. Yet they leaped out into their mix of disco rock and made the most of the incredibly bright sun.

Most bands at Lolla had a political message but Dick Valentine had some sort of speech about...

"they built a giant microwave oven in the Sears Tower... hot girls should go in it and transport 30 years into the future... when they can ride the President B**H as he is in the presidential iron lung... and then create a new generation of presidents"

God bless Electric Six for deviating from the script. My only problem with these guys is that they tend to play during the week which is nuts because they usually go on at midnight - but they are playing at the Double Door here in Chicago in October on a FRIDAY and I will be there.

One more bit of trivia - one new years' eve show in Chicago I wore a disco ball shirt (it really shines) and Dick came up to me and said "cool shirt".

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