Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogger Video!

This is just too cool. As if we didn't get enough for free with Blogger, now they are hosting video. I uploaded as a test this short video of the end of the Sausage Race at the Brewer game I attended earlier this year. As a reminder, that is NOT me yelling at the end, rather a fan next to me who had a ca$h bet on the race, as I estimate half of the fans did.

Man this is going to save oodles of time posting my videos to YouTube, then embedding them into a post. This way it worked flawlessly - just click on the video and it uploaded. Thanks again Blogger/Google! The price is right!


Annie said...

I didn't have much luck with Blogger video. It only loaded about 1/3 of the way and then kept reporting that I couldn't connect to Blogger. I tried a few different videos of different lengths.
What's your secret magic touch?

Dan from Madison said...

They could have been slammed with people loading video for the first time. The other thing was maybe your video is too large. I haven't looked, but I assume they have a size limit. Or your connection was dropping out during your loading. Just a few ideas.

Annie said...

Well...for some reason it looks like I can upload stuff that I've saved from elsewhere, but my own personal video won't load. The video I blogged this morning (which I saved from elsewhere on the net) successfully loaded for me, yet it is way bigger than the one of my own I tried to load.