Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Badger Family Day, Part 1

The technical name for this event was "Badger Family Fun Day" - note I have left out the "fun". A bit more on that later.

I had the kids to myself on Sunday, and I decided to take them to BFFD. What the heck, it was free. I guess any complaining I do is pretty much bullshit, considering the price. BFFD is a day where Badger fans and others (me) can bring their kids, meet players and coaches, get autographs and participate in games. You can even run around on the playing field at Camp Randall, which is pretty cool (I did this after the Ohio State game a few years and even tried to help tear the goalpost down - to no avail). Anyway, we arrived at 2.50pm, ten minutes before the event started. The line was insane! But promptly at 3pm the line began to move.
We were greeted inside the McLean center, where the Badgers practice. It has the same type of fake turf that Camp Randal does. It is very similar to grass, but I still think real grass is better. I tackled my kids a couple of times on this turf and am convinced that you would get rug burns if you were playing all out. We were greeted by this unidentified pig - he didn't seem to have a sponsor, or a nametag. I will call him dinner.
I like this juxtaposition. The old and the new. It reminded me of what they did to Soldier Field in its renovation. Looks shitty on the outside, glorious on the inside.
Here is a photo of where you enter the McLean center. You are greeted by a line of cheerleaders giving you posters that the players and coaches can sign. I give the UW cheerleaders about a six out of ten. Seen better, seen worse. Nothing compares to those damned SEC schools when it comes to the cheerleaders.


Anonymous said...

Just thought you'd like to know that the pig is the Famous Dave's BBQ pig - he really Is dinner!

Dan from Madison said...

Interesting. I like Famous Dave's. I wonder why he didn't have any ID - I probably would have given him a high five.